Sunday, May 20, 2012

088; sweet sixteen

oh yes guys. finally i'm 16 years old. 8)))) ok not rly old but yea. sadly i just deleted all my pictures from my camera... D: i fucking hate myself for that ;;___;; but anyways it was rly lovely. here i will show you all the presents i got or bought for myself höhö. so here we go!

yeaaaaah finally i dyed my hair light pink. i wanted this like since 3984698213649823 million years and now finally i have it. i'm like so fucking happy ;__; it was easier than i thought! and my hair isn't even that dead. not worse than before. ;_; the first time in my life that i can say: i love my hair. ;_____;
aaaaand i got a belly button piercing!! like i fucking hate them. i think they are so gay but i dunno i just wanted one. :c my stepfather made it for me on my birthday on our sofa. XDD it was so weird and bloddy but alright. the reason why i got it is because my stepfather said he wouldn't make any other piercing.. and i thought ok it's for free so why not. XDD

k-on 01 . chobits 02 . no longer human . deadman wonderland 02
gta 4 . sims 3 . resident evil 5
gina tricot 10 euro
gina tricot 10 euro
monki 7 euro (bought from tiina)
primark - bag 10 euro . umbrella 5 euro
crazy factory - 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm - each under 1 euro

here are all the things i bought in the last time ;__; i love everything of it. the manga are just perfect and omg the gaaaammmeeesssss ;_____; the bestebettsbbebtsbtstbs ♥