Friday, June 29, 2012

093; new games and manga

helloooooo since i know that i will go *somewhere* next week i wanna update my blog about every shit... :D the other games arrived today so i wanna show them to you!

alice madness returns, devil may cry 4, saints row: the third
 here are the trailer for the games... REALLY FUCKING ALL OF THEM ARE PERFECT akjdghioaehioig ♥

at the moment we are trying alice and saints row i play already since a few days.... ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE FUCKING GOOD SO PLS BUY THEM AND BUY THEM AND PLAY THEM FOREVER LIKE WE DO JUST PLS ;;________;;

deadman wonderland 4, resident evil 1
i dunno what to think about a resident evil manga.... XD i mean i thought the idea is a bit weird but i must say it's looking fucking cool *^*

yeah this is how my bed is looking like at the moment .... :D LIKE WE FUCKING PLAY HERE AND STUFF hadvihsegv

ok here is any random older photo of my hair because i thought this post would be lil bit too boring without me ucuagevioveiv sounds weird BUT I THINK YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN

today i'm really sad i don't even know why bbbbbbbuuuuttttt yeah so i dunno see you tomorrow or something

Thursday, June 28, 2012

092; aion and unicorns

sososooso hello guys! sorry again for not updating in a long time now... but srsly i haven't done anything... i know that i say this often but this time i'm serious. i haven't done anything AT ALL. i played vivien and i fell in love with aion. the best ok. ok this isn't so interesting but i will show you our character!

vivien and me
well so there are two different worlds in this game. the light and the dark one. ok dunno in english this sounds pretty gay XD but so because we wanted to try both we made another account to play in the dark world ;DDD
vivien and me in the other world ;D


ok lately i've played some other games too but i will write about this later... cuz i wanna wait for the next games to arrive ;D

we have two new members in our unicorn family ;_;

this is how my hair is looking like atm. i was showering after 308649836 years and putting makeup... i was finally looking like a human again.... BUT NOT ANYMORE HAHAHA
i dunno what hair colour this is... XD like srsly... this is blonde.. but not rly?.. no idea XD i will soon dye it back to light pink i guess...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

091; sorry

ok guys sorry for not updating my blog in a long time
atm it isn't really easy here. i dunno
just saying

Sunday, June 3, 2012

090; japanday 2012

we have been at japanday 2012 in düsseldorf. there's not much to say about it. i guess pictures are enough ;;;DDD i look the same on every pic but have a look at pretty and funny ppl ;;;DDD

jana, me, son, vivien and cansu
vivien, santi, me
nana, santi, vivien
me and vivien
tinka, me, yuki