Tuesday, March 26, 2013

099; silver

hey gays, once again i didn't post a long long time. i don't even know anymore how to write in english. XD
this is a post which i wanted to make a long time ago already. it's about my try to get my hair silver. (it's so long ago that i don't even have this color anymore höhö)

this is how it looed in the end. it wasn't really what i wanted. i still want a darker silver but well i thought that this colour is pretty nice too.
so here is what i used:

 #l'oéal - silver shampoo - ~10€ # wella - color fresh silver ~10€

the silver shampoo was the first thing that i tried to get silver hair. i used this everytime i washed my hair and left it in for about 5 minutes. i'm really happy with the result. already after washing my hair with this once it got really grey. i bought it in any hairdresser shop but you get it in amazon as well.
color fresh silver is something like a hairdye (?). i don't really understand it but well it was worse than i thought. it made my hair light silver but i wanted a darker one.
i just didn't really find the right product yet.

in these pictures you can see how the color fresh stuff looked like on the hand and in the hair.

right: after               left: before

as you can see in the before-after is that it didn't really dye my hairline. :c
after all i'm really happy with the color and i wanna dye it silver soon again. 
i would recomment this stuff if you are trying to get a light silver but for a more intense color i would say just try something else. XD
i would like to try other products. it would be nice if you could recomment me some. :3

thank you for reading.

in love, sara