Monday, April 23, 2012

082; meet all the friends!

hello again! so as you saw i was just too lazy to blog anything höhö. as you can see i cut my fronthair short. ok that isn't really a cool thing 8D
my kitty is really the cutest in the world. she is even watching anime with me ;_; i love you forever my kitty.

these books i ordered from amazon. a vegan cooking book (as you can see..) and the manga lychee light club. and i must say THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE MANGA T_T. srsly guys this is the best in the world!!! it's just genius. everything in this story. first it sounds lil bit.... yes weird. but when you are so into the story you don't care anymore and you just love everythging. JUST BUY IT EVERYONE I LOVE IT FOREVER OMG i'm reading it like again and again and omg i just can't get enough it is the best ever in my life oh god

i finally met vivien again. we saw each other around feb. i guess. horrible! ok i know that the pic is horrible but there is no better one and i'm really proud to have met her again. i've missed her really a lot.
lately we have been doing a lot together. this is making me really happy. there couldn't be anything better for me atm. ;_; we cooked and studied and all that stuff oh god i'm in heaven.

after that i met carina and stayed at her place over night. i missed her a lot too. the pictures describe us the best. weirdos.  (srsly why r my hands lookin so fuckin manly???) ah and some vegan stuff which i bough from the vegan supermarket. nothing interesting anymore. XD but if any german vegan is reading this: ALL THESE THINGS ARE GENIUS BUY THEM AND LOVE THEM

and then ofcourse tinkaaa! i stayed at her place over night too. i really can't believe that i have got so many friends. i feel so good at the moment i wanna live like this forever. ;_; tinka and i watched anime and ate vegan waffles. nothing so cool but it was funny and fucking relaxing
i rly love everything opgmmogomgogomgmogiobgdr

oh and btw i lost fucking 5kgs. i'm proud ok.