Wednesday, June 19, 2013

0102; forever lazy

I really want to post more. But my laziness is always getting in my way. I wanted to post the following pictures already since months. And that's why I do that now. I don't have much to say about them... so I hope you still enjoy my photos. :D

me and my boyfriend ♥
somehow my legs are looking weird here

In the past months I played a lot. I'll show you some games here.

spyro 2 was my addiction when I was a little girl (ノ∇・、) so played it one more time
got Black Rock Shooter for PSP ( ;∀;) still didn't play it till the end
started to play TERA but too lazy to use the PC that much atm
JUHUU! System Of A Down and DIR EN GREY tickets 

and fuck yeah! Got schoolgirl the novel by Osamu Dazai ;_; love it

Also got cute new thights and new heels. So many good things. More posts about my new gets will follow in the next posts.

Thank you for visiting my blog!