Wednesday, August 31, 2011

009; cd collection

Ok, I can't sleep once again. But oook.

I know that nobody is even interested but.... I dunno I will just show you my poor CD collection and some random DVD's. :----D

Haru is my favorite singer since he had been in Ordermade. After they disbanded he started a procejt named Koori Otoko. Then he finally made a new band, DOG. An because I love him more than any other singer, I bought almost all of his fucking CD's. 8---)))

# ファン!ファン!TOMORROW!!
# random comment dvd
# ドッグゼロスター
# [-49-]
# Style Lover

氷男 発育する自慰-皆既月蝕DISC 発育する自慰-皆既地球蝕DISC

# ナショナルキッド
# 唇ドレッシー
# S・F・H
# 帝王切開
# ありがと。# ZOKU

Rammstein are my favorite german band. I dunno why I like them so much. Maybe just because I love the lyrics. I don't have all CD's yet. But I'm going to buy the rest. ;D

# Live aus Berlin
# Mutter
# Völkerball DVD
# Lichtspielhaus DVD
# Ich Tu Dir Weh
# Liebe ist für alle da

Here are just some random CD's. I bought these K-ON! CD's because it was my favorite anime. :----)
This Girugamesh CD was the first one in my life..

K-ON! - Cagayake!GIRLS
K-ON! - Don't say "lazy"
ゾロ - CORE
NoGoD - 極彩色

Polysics - We Ate The Machine
Girugamesh - Girugämesh

System of a Down - System of a Down
System of a Down - Toxicity
System of a Down - Steal This Album
Pitbull - Rebelution
Lady Gaga - The Fame
Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster
Lady Gaga - Born This Way
Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment
Die Ärtze - Jazz ist anders

Here are some of my DVD's. As you can maybe see I just collect horror movies. Some of them fail hard and some I love. :--D

broken - horrible
broken 2 - horrible
house of wax - funny
halloween - horrible
ring - funny but love it
black christmas - love it

resident evil 1 - love it
resident evil 2 - love it
one missed call - funny but love it
art of devil - funny but love it
jennifer's body - wasted money
the grudge 3 - love it
dread - love it
SAW 1 - love it

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


In fact I have nothing to post about. So I will just talk about any random stuff.

A few days ago I bought new shampoo and conditioner. I love alverde more than any other stuff. It's 'natural cosmetic', without any silicones.

alverde; two shampoos and conditioner

My hair always feels strong and healthy after I used the shampoo and the conditioner. I use two different shampoos because if you use just the same a long time your hair gets used to it and it won't effect anymore. :D blabla

One time by week I use the conditioner and leave it in my hair about an hour. I think it really helps a lot.

random picture of myself
At the moment I'm in love with Hatsune Miku again. That's why I accidently found this fail.

Just click at this picture and you will see it better. I thought it was fucking funny. ;_; I just tagged it like that too. ;D

Today is Vivien's birthday and in fact I have to go to sleep soon. But I'm too busy with my new fav game osu! and with anime....

007; CSD Dortmund

On Saturday I went to the Christopher Street Day in Dortmund with my best friend, Vivien, and Son.
It had been a rainy day but it was fun. Together with all the gays. haha 
I met a few people I knew.

Sadly we missed the Gay Parade. haha
All this show stuff was funny and stuff but after some hours it got just fucking boring. So we went to any Supermarket and bought salad and ice cream.

Sonnison and Vivien. This picture is really pretty. ;_;
When we arrived back home we played Resident Evil and Kingdom Hearts till 5 am. It is a long time ago since Vivien slept at my place last time. So I was very happy.

One of the ony pictures of us together. Sadly it was ugly as fuck.

006; back to germany

On 24th August I flew back to Düsseldorf. My time in Switzerland was very nice. I will come back anytime for sure!
I already miss Aylin and Yuki!

again this fucking easyjet...

I only took some random pictures of clouds in the plane. Here you go.

It was a really cool feeling to look through the clouds down to the earth...

a very hot photo of me in the plane :D
I thought because Yuki and me didn't take pictures together when I have been there, I will just show a Puri of last week.
Yuki and me♥

But so yeah. This was my first trip to Switzerland.

Monday, August 29, 2011

005 trip to switzerland ; day 4

On 22th August was Yuki's 18th birthday! The reason why I came to switzerland.
Before she came home from school her sister any me blew 140 baloons for her.
We thought that would be a nice surprise. But she didn't look that happy about it...

here are just a few baloons on her bed

My present was an unicorn plushy. She was really happy about it. We both have almost the same now. This here is the other present she got.

I would die for a fucking Sailor Moon cakeeeeeeeeeeeee..... OH LORD!
I ate it like a fat bitch and it was fucking good. ♥

Later we went to any sushi bar. Because it was so hot whole day even the sushi was warm... This was lil bit... ew. But yeah it was fun. I met Miu, Yuki's friend!

Any other day we dyed my hair. Just in the same color as always.

As you can maybe see I downloaded osu! on Yuki's pc. Now almost everybody I know is addicted. haha
The fucking best game ever.

004 trip to switzerland ; day 3

At my last day at my cousins place we went to Bern. The buildings there are very old but fucking pretty.
Bright houses; red flowers. It looked amazing. Sadly it had been 35°C whole fucking time.
I will post random pictures now again.

halim and aylin again. 

this was fucking pretty. ♥

any church

In the afternoon Halim, my cousin's husband drove us to Yuki's place in Basel.
It took any 284703274 hours i dunno why.
Finally i could meet Yuki's daddy again. I fucking love him. He is really the funniest father I have ever seen. Whole time making any horrible jokes and stuff. Oh boy, my humor. haha
I met Yuki's sister Misa for the first time. And she is very lovely.

But so we haven't done anything special anymore.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

003 trip to switzerland ; day 2

On my second day in Switzerland we visited Zürich.
A really really pretty city. Big and modern but still cute.

my cousin and her husband.

As you can see we haven't done anything special. Just shopping without buying anythting. At night we went to eat at any random pizza restaurant. Then we just drove home and slept... 8) Oh god, why is my blog so interesting?

002 trip to switzerland ; day 1

I've been in Switzerland from 19th to 24th August 2011.
I had never been there before. My cousin lives there since almost a year. But the real reason why i went to Switzerland was my friend Yuki. She had been at my place just a week ago and of course I wanted to see hers also.

So the flight was horrible. In fact I love to travel, especially to fly. But seriously, easyjet is the worst airline I ever flew with.

The nicest thing was the view.♥

I just flew to Macedonia and Spain any time. So the flight to Switzerland seemed very quick. From Düsseldorf to Basel just 55 minutes.
This airport in Switzerland is very confusing... It took any 10 minutes till i found just the fucking exit. haha

oh boy..... easyjet
Luckily Yuki and my cousin were already waiting for me.
Later we went to eat something in Basel and then the husband of my cousin drove us to their house, which is in Bern.
And then we just went to sleep I guess.

001 this is me

Heyho. My name is Migu and I live in germany.

Nothing special. I'm not any rich bitch who could spend tons of money in anything.
I'm just an other Otaku who loves to blog.
Don't be disappointed because my life isn't interesting.
Neither will be my blog.

I moved from Ameba to Blogspot, as you can see.
I've always written my blog in german but now i will try writing in english.
I'm already sorry for my fucked english. 8)
If you are interested here is my old blog. ♥