Saturday, December 31, 2011

061; 2012

these are the last minutes of 2011
i wish a happy new year to everyone!! ;_;


Friday, December 30, 2011

060; elvis



no srsly carina slept at my place last night and she looked like tranny elvis oh gosh XDDDDD

058; kitty post

in the past weeks i took so many photos of my kitties and i thought i maybe should post them <3

my kitty about who i never post because she is not as funny as my other one ;_;
even tho they look the same...

just my kitty sleeping on my bed

derpy kitty with a little hat

kitty randomly half under the table

my kitty under a blanket ;_;

my kitty smelling her tail while sleeping

my kitty sleeping on me ♥

and in the end i wanna show my chill kitty while getting the ultimate kitty orgasm. + my sister

Thursday, December 29, 2011

057; rammstein cd's & forsaken world

oh yeah. already long time ago i bought these new rammstein cd's

this is their new single called 'mein land'
isn't it looking fucking cute? öhöhöhöhöhö

here is their new video <3

this is their new album 'made in germany'
i bought the limited edition because there was a remix cd... but i'm just sad that i spend money on that because it is just FUCKING BAD :c i just like.... maybe one remix..

lately i've been playing forsaken world. that game is awesome.
even tho there are manny lagging parts it's just fun to play it

up there is my character.
i have my pantsu gurl


i just want to show how my 'make up table' looks like with my new case *-*

i think it is looking very pretty ;_; but just little bit hard to do 'quick make up' because it is so much work to open that case... /lazyass
i will see how i will do that ;_;

055; a late merry clitoris

ok this is a little bit late ... but i hope everybody of you had a wonderful christmas! ♥

here are my presents!

# cranberry joy handcreme - the body shop
# cranberry joy lip balm - the body shop
# an amazing nail file!!! ;__;
this is what i got from my stepsister ;___; oh fuck this is so amazing T_T

and finally i got a really big make up case in light pink ♥ 
so perfect ;_; i spent like 3 days just with this case because i was so happy about it

i got this stuff from my mom,,,
# essence eyeshadow
# blush brush
#eyeshadow brush
# lip brush

Monday, December 26, 2011

054; sorry

sorry that i haven't posted this month. in fact i was just too lazy :-D
but now i got new motivation to start again and keep writing.

but so december was/is a quiet nice month to me this year.
we had snow just one time and it wasn't even cold. D:
in the past weeks i visted a few christmas markets. this picture was taken in dortmund. this is the biggest christmas tree in the whole world. it is 45 meters high. DDD:

i don't really know what to say so i will just continue to start an other post ..... 8)))

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


just an other random post to share some random stuff from the last days/weeks

this is what my mother bought for me ;_; isn't she so cute ? ♥

me, very hot

cute kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kityykityyylykkizykyziyyzizykytiytyktykiyiyytyy

051; yuki in germany

yuki was back in germany at 26th november. and of course we were going to meet her.

together with tinka. fucking nice to see yuki again ;_; last time was when i started to write this blog D: (sorry for the picture tinka,,, but you're just too funny XDDD)

and yes we went to düsseldorf...


later we ate these fucking penis noodles,,,,, they were so good höhöhöhö

we made these amazing puris..... XDD the quality. fuck me.


just wanna tell some random stuff about my last week. i've been sick a lot. ;_; no idea why.

the christmas market opened already few weeks ago (not sure when). and even tho it's just the same every year it just feels fucking nice to be there.

my kitty is so fucking cute. she's whole time just sitting anywhere and not moving at all. ;_;


and i think this is the best picture to show how derpy she is XD but still she is and will always stay the cutest kitty in this world. ;_;

just wanted to share this herpy derpy with you ♥

srsly this is yuki's alpaca and i'm fucking jealous :ccc

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

048; carina's new haircut

last tuesday i went to the hairdresser with carina. :--D

even tho she's looking like justin bieber in lesbian version, she's very cute ;_;

after and before

i took some stalker pictures of her getting her haircut. :--D sorry, carina--- this is just too good XD

after that we were just chilling in dortmund. eating in mc donalds and stuff.
ah and buying stuff for her hair.

'öhöhhööhö i'm carina and i'm going to buy this wax  and hairspray'

ah yes and in the afternoon i tried to show carina how to style hair and that.... stuff.. D:


herpi derpi and cute carina 

and in the end the funniest thing ever. carry potter.