Friday, February 17, 2012

075; monki skirt & lazy life

I've had a lots of appointments in the last three days. And it isn't looking better in the future.
Anyway.. When I was with Tinka and Carina in Essen I found this cute skirt at MONKI.

Before it was like 20€ and now it was there for 6€? Oh really I just HAD to buy it ;D But because I didn't take money with me on thursday I had to go back there on friday. I didn't wear it yet and I'm not so sure will it even fit to my hair colour... I guess I will be a way too colourfull... But I dunno I can't do anything wrong about 6€.

Ok the following things will be just really random.

I know that it looks like vomit BUT I COULD EAT THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE. This is just the best thing you could do for me. Make me vegetable soup and I will love you forever. ♥

Here are just some other pictures of my kitty.

She is the cutest thing in the world ;_______;

Oh yews, my stepfather made... any weird sweet balls today and my kitty loved it too. 8D I really didn't expect that since it's without meat or anything a cat would like... XD Very cute kitty. ;_;
I hope you don't mind the mess in the background and my adorable laugh. <3

Seriously, bitches love food. Usually my cat is like 'I HAVE NEVER SEEN YOU BEFORE,,, WHO ARE YOU??' but after I gave her food she was lying all over my lap like 'I DUNNO WHO YOU ARE BUT I LOVE YOU'

(Ignore my fat arm,,, and well, whole me) Seriously I love Shelly so much. Ok I know.. I kinda have my pet loving day (and my i-will-never-wear-makeup-again-day) but... really. Happy tail and kissing me ;_; This is true love. :c

In the end something lovely to all my friends. Which is nobody.

074; essen with tinka and carina

On friday I went with Tinka to Essen to meet Carina there. I have never thought that they could become friends. Because well there is a huuuuge difference between them.  But it worked and they liked each other. :D

After 3 hours lagging in Primark we went to Limbeckerplatz (shoppingcenter in Essen) to chill there. It was kinda could outside. 

Oh yes. After Gayrina, Carry Potter, Carinem ....................... here is Justin Carieber. ;D Seriously, I love Carina's name. You can just do everything with it.

cute tinka

sexy tinka

So all we did was eating. They had Kebabababa and Icecream while I had anything wierd but good. Can't discribe. XD

Oh hello, Carina.
We went home kinda early because Carina and Tinka wanted to watch any TV shows. :cccccccccc


Monday, February 13, 2012

072; vegan wonderland with carina

So on friday I went to Dortmund early in the morning. I think i woke up at 07:00,, usually I would sleep at this time.8) The reason was to visit Carina. (of course). I went to her school alone. Oh fuck I was so nervous that I wouldn't find it but luckily I did. XD I wasn't even late. The first time in my life. :--D
So I picked her up from school. Then we took the train to her home.

hallo pretty carina ;D;;DD this is the 'snow' here in germany atm ;;;DDD
On the way we met a few of her classmates. They were so nice. I don't know. I don't remember the last time that somebody I don't know was so nice to me. XD Or that I met somebody new.
At Carina's place we ate some... pickled cucumbers and ice cream.... ? A nice breakfast XD 

In her garden were chilling some of these squirrels. And this lovely one came so near to us and wanted food.. or something XD God I dyed because it was sooo cute. ;_; I've never seen a squirrel so close 8)

Here is a pretty picture of Carina again. With our Ice Cream. 8)) We didn't spend a long time at her place. After maybe 2 hours we went into the city. And god yes I did read about VeganWonderland a lot and one of my friends have been there before. I wanted to go there already a longer time but always forgot when I was in Dortmund.
VeganWonderland is something like a vegan supermarket where you can get just everything you ever dreamed of. *_* The shopgirls were so nice and friendly.

so cute decoration with such a cute message

 So next to that supermarket is a vegan Café. I didn't look at the name... but I think the name was sausebrause. 8) Seriously, look how fucking cute this Café is. Just everything so sweet made. They sell everything you could imagine. Waffles, donuts, bagels, burgers, kebab, cookies, cupcakes, cakes, etc. I felt like in heaven. So many delicious things without a single animal product. I will visit this Café as often as I can ,,oh god. ;____;

I ordered a burger and Carina took a chocolate cookie. It was very delicous. T__T And didn't taste a lot different than the usual versions.
I would love to work in this shop but I just can't always go 40 minutes by train just to my work. D: Hopefully there will be a shop like this around my city anytime..

After we have been in this shop we just went around the city. Chilling. As always. 8) In random stores looking at stuff, talking and laughing a lot. I felt really good to meet Carina again. It was the first time this year that we met. I missed her a lot. This meeting was the best one in a long long time. ♥

In the end my favorite pic atm. 8)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

071; what is wrong with my hair?

ok so i finally woke up now. in fact i don't have that much time because carina is comming over soon. D: but i guess it's time to write about things which happened... last week?? 8)))

first thing: WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY HAIR? it's looking so fucking pink after washing it just two times D: ok i wanted red with lil bit pink... BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS IT IS SHINING NEON PINK... if it would be lil bit less shiny i wouldn't mind. but what is this fucking neon stuff there omg i don't want that much attention XDDD dunno what i'm going to do now.. i guess i will just wash it off and put pure pink ;D ok maybe just red. i will think about this later D:

last week i met tinka to bake a cake for any school event. oh god it was very funny XD two lazyfishes which have no fucking idea about anything ... baking together? so many things failed 8D we had to go to the supermarket to buy new stuff for a new try around 819364892364 times. XD sadly i couldn't taste it because it was for her school :( in the end it looked very delicious but i had to leave early DDD;;;;
i would really love to be able to bake or cook.. but i'm just too bad for anything like that XD 

next thing i've done this week is playing all my old PS2 games! OH GOD IT WAS SOOOO GOOD AFTER SO LONG TIMEEEEEEE,, dunno what is wrong with my tekken5 ;_; i love that game so much ,, it's was a big part of my life in age 10-13 XD but my game is kinds broken... that sucks because i don't think i'm going to buy this again XD but omg i played kingdom hearts like a crazy bitch. every single day. every hour.  i'm stuck in the first game. D: i don't know why but .... i just can't find alice???? D: what is wrong with me?? so i just continued playing kingdom hearts 2 8))) even tho i don't get the story so well.. but oh god i love this one so much. 

SCHLECHT höhö. as you can see i'm in that part where i must make any musicals with arielle 8DDD and sorry but WHY AM I LOOKING SO GAY? why are all the songs so gay? well i think the atlantica level is really boring and horrible. it is like a fucking poor and weird version of osu D: it's so boring just whole time playing the songs without any fight. >:(  i hate to know that soon i've got to go back to this world DDDD::::< just why have you made this level so bad???

Friday, February 10, 2012

070; room update

ok this will be just a quick update about my room because i'm really tired. finally i've got something to talk about but now i really can't write any long fuck 8)

i changed something on my bed,,, ok it looks weird but it is just perfect to watch anime 24/7 ;D;;D;;D

here is my hair stuff, body stuff and make up stuff. i don't like it that much but it's the best way atm D:

and here again my makeup case. sorry but it is so beautiful *_*

i thought this idea is nice for my bags,,, i just never knew where to put them and this isn't even looking so bad ;D

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

069; new camera (finally)

ohai,, this weekend i have been at my dad's place. it was really as boringas always... but yesh

my dad's dog amy was just the best thing there. she became so tall ;_; she is so cuuuuuuteeeee...
the only reason why i visit my dad anymore 8)) (hust hust)
hello this is me with my ugly camera and my hair looks weird but HELLO

but the good thing is that i forced my daddy to finally buy me a camera. i really need one because well.... my ipod camera is the worst ever :c the new one isn't.... that good... but a lot better 

ah yes my cousin from switzerland is in germany till this week. on sunday she has been at my place to visit my parents. we made some nice plans but i will talk later about that ;;;DDD
anywayssss,, it was very nice with her ;___; i hope i will go to switzerland soon to see her and also yuki!

and in the end one of the best screens:

Friday, February 3, 2012

068; almost perfect

oook i didn't post a lot in january (i haven't ever posted a lot) but i would like to change that now :c i can't believe that it's already february and i still haven't done anything 8D i mean.. at the moment my life is almost perfect. i sleep (often) as long as i really need which is rarely for me. that's a big reason to feel good.

and ok because i don't have pictures of my real life to show i'll just post pictures which i like a lot. here are the prettiest persons and hair colours i've seen in the past weeks.

i would love to have a hair colour like that. i become to tired of my red. oh btw i bleached my hair two more times this week and used tulip directions on it. and i have to say that this is the prettiest haircolour i've had so far. i just can't show that on a photo because well... my pretty ifuck camera 8))))))))vdjisdvbnsid

these pictures are just love. i'm serious i would marry myself if i had this kind of room. i really can't wait to move... then i will fucking make it look like that *___* that makeup table idea for sure! oh and yes this random anime room picture between the princess rooms XD i dunno i don't really wanna have my room like that. just a lil bit. :c

and yes my favorite song atm :^D in fact i listen to miku only...... 8) 

and then this random oreimo op XD no srsly i don't even like this song so much.... it's just ringing in my head for a few weeks because i started to watch this anime. i'll write soon about that... here you can already see why i really like this one. 8--D

but uff yes i'm going to my dad's place tomorrow. i don't really wanna go because ... it's always just so boring there D: but maybe he could finally buy me a camera :ccccccccccc

but so yes,, see you later