Sunday, January 29, 2012

067; peanut and shelly

now after 389047890372409745 years vivien and i decided to go out with the doggies again. it was really the best thing we could have done. shelly was sooooo happy to see peanut after such a long time ;_; and so was i.

he is soooo tall and sometimes lil bit scary because he is so wild :c but omg love for peenerd forever

it has been a nice day. we met in the afternoon and went outside. our doggies were playing so happily ;_; even tho peanut ate any plastic bag which he was puking out later and shelly went to swim in any river 8))) no srsly it was funny ;_; i was so so so so happy to meet vivien again. we had so many things to talk about. god i love just everything atm ♥

oh god really can you see how small peanut was? ;____; such a cutie in 2010
and now he is so much taller than shelly XD
they're forever a dreamteam ;__; hope we will have fun the next day ♥


oh what the hell is my camera doing????? i didn't do anything and every picture is looking like this D: wtf .... i fucking hate my ipod camera.. i really hope i will get an other one soon :c i don't have anything with which i could take nice pictures when i'm anywhere... that's also the reason why i don't have any pictures of tinka's birthday party. D: but so hope to get something soon

in these pictures you can see two new shirts which i bought 8DD but because of my ipod i can't show them in full size... as soon as i will have a real camera i will show that ;_;

i really really like my hair colour in this one *__* if it would look like that irl i would be the happiest girl alive :D

oh yes here is a video i really like. this is why i love anime more than real life!!

but so yes lately i didn't even watch that much anime. i just chilled my ass off and ... i don't even remember what i did. just lying in the bed and dying or something 8D 
ah no i kinda met a new friend and i'm very happy about that ;__; everything is fine;; i feel happy at the moment. ;_;
oh but i can't wait for school on monday... ;D

Saturday, January 21, 2012

066; forever lazyfish

well ok for a long time now i haven't done anything. i've been just in my bed whole day... watching some anime and getting really fat :)) sounds lovely, doesn't it? so well yeah i'm going to talk about my lazyfish weeks now...
it's just that since one week i have the best job in this world 8D i can just do whatever i want... for example nothing at all ♥
but yes i bought some stuff in the last weeks/months which i didn't show yet!

i got these pretty candles today ;_; they're from ikea.

.....already longer time ago that i bought that XD hm in fact it's just hair contitioner, hair water (dunno if that makes sense in english... i didn't even know it in german before 8D), night conditioner, hairspray, some hair stuff for after shower and some face creme. i must say i really love all of these products ;_; they're from alverde, balea and got2b. as you can see in fact,,, why am i saying this

oh well i guess i bought this here in december? XDDD a new make up from the body shop. it was quiet expensive D: 18euro if i remember right ... the make up i used before (can't even remember which) was around 10 euro i think... D: i don't like the smell of it that much... but actually it's very nice!
that banana shampoo, i dunno i thought it would be cool. but wtf. i srsly hate the smell and it isn't even so cool :c

oh well my kitty pullover i bought already months ago but never showed it here! i really really love it ;_; it's my favorite forever. it fits so well to my kitty bag ♥
and yeah a kitty brush cup and a kitty rubbish bin ... i'm so in love with kitties. i think that will never change XD

that tunnel i bought today. i payed 10 euro for that D: i could get it so much cheaper if i would order... but i dunno i didn't want to wait anymore... i was so bored of my other plugs :c
i really like this one♥

here is a .. random ... no-make-up picture with my little sister....

my sidecut is looking like a black hole in my head XD but yeah that's how i look like the last weeks. pretty clothes, cool hairstyle or makeup would be just a waste in this kind of days 8)

today i was really bored and so i started doing make up. but i just couldn't do it as well as i wanted :c i ended up removing one full side because it looked horrible. and now i can show the with and without make up effect. 8DDD
my eyebrow is looking so horrible in this photo XD ok irl it isn't pretty but doesn't look so.... reatarted like in this picture... 
i dunno i think this picture is funny just half retarded ;D


oh well tomorrow i'm going to tinka's birthday party. so i think i will write soon again and won't be such a lazyass anymore 8)
ok i will stay like this forever.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

anime review - sasameki koto & aoi hana

i really love anime. now when i'm alone again i watch it a lot. i decided to write about the anime i watch. i just want to share my opinion and to recomment some things to you!

i restarted to watch sasameki koto and i decided that this will be the first anime i will write about. i remembered that maybe a year ago i watched aoi hanna which is very similar to sasameki koto. especially the main characters are almost looking the same XD so i thought it would be nice if i would compare them a little bit.

i hope you will like it. so here we go!

ささめきこと (sasameki koto) - whispered words

gernes: yuri, romantic, school, comedy
year: 2009
episodes: 13
for people who like:  typical comedy romance and yuri

so the first anime which i want to talk about is 'sasameki koto'. i started watching it already some time ago but after a few episodes i stopped and kinda forgot it. i liked the story very much. that's why i made a new start.
i don't have so much experience with yuri anime.... that's why i was very interested to watch this one.
usually i'm not really into romance.... i just think that's kinda boring and too cliché.. but i must say i liked this one.

here i listed the most important characters to introduce the story.

sumika murasame
sumika is the main character of this story. she is very good in school and sports. but most important: she is 'secretly' in love with her female best friend ushio. it's an unrequited love because ushio likes 'cute' and 'small' girls and because sumika is tall and 'not-cute' ushio isn't interested in her. i could say the anime is all about sumika trying to finally get ushio's attention.
it's funny and cute to see how bad she tries to be 'cuter'. i really like her character.

ushio kazama

ushio is a very naiv and pretty girl. already in the first episode we find out that she is lesbian and crazy about cute little girls. she falls in love often  but always gets rebuffs. she doesn't notice that her best friend is in love with her and it seems like she doesn't have any feelings for sumika. which makes the ultimate cliché
ushio is a really lovely and cute  girl. because i understand her obsession  with cute girls she is my favorite in this anime.

tomoe hachisuka and miyako taema
they are classmates of ushio and sumika. later they become friends. tomoe and miyako are the only ones who know about sumika's love for ushio and always try to help her.
i thought they are a really cute couple even tho tomoe looks 'old' and miyako srsly looks like 10 (have a look at the first picture)... they are the ultimate cliché lesbian couple. tomoe is tall and strong, wants a girl to protect. and miyako is a small little girl... very very girly (lil bit too much in my opinion) and always acting like 10-years-old. i loved tomoe at the first secound. she's doing stupid things seriously which makes her kinda cute. but miyako i still don't really like. she was lil but too 'uh i'm so kawaii,,,, protect me!!!'. but after all they where a cute couple

kiyori torioi
kiyori is a classmate and later friend of all of the characters. even tho she is hetero and not interested in 'their lesbian stuff' she is always with them. she seems to have no feelings but happiness. the whole anime she is in a good mood. an other thing about her is that she's in love with food and eating during the whole anime. this makes her kinda cute.
my opinion about her is not clear... i think she isn't very important. she's is funny to watch and also cute but her character isn't really... interesting in my opinion. 

masaki akemiya
i would say masaki is the only interesting/important boy in this anime. he has a really shy personallity, is very small and feminine. his big love is sumika even tho they don't fit together at all. but because he noticed that sumika is just interested in girls, he started dressing like one too to get her attention. for me it seemed that he enjoys dressing like a girl. which is making him very likeable.

azusa aoi
azusa is the only one in this story which i didn't like at all. she's a shy person who hasen't got friends. she finds a friend in sumika when she noticed that their interests are simular. but to be honest she disturbed me. it was sad to see how lonely she is and stuff but she was just 'too much'. 

i didn't find the opening or the ending on youtube but i found my favorite scene XD this made me laugh so much... maybe it isn't that funny if you haven't seen the anime.. but just everything here is so funny. how suddenly tomoe is attacking, how kiyori is laughing and how tomoe is not moving. HA HA HA HA

result: it's a nice anime for people who are into romance! it's very funny, cute and lovely but also lil bit cliché (as i expected when i read 'romance'). this anime has an open end which is disappointing. after you watched the last episode you think '...and that's it?'. people who want to know how the story goes on should read the manga. after all it's no 'must see'-anime.


青い花 (aoi hana) - sweet blue flowers

gerne: slice of life, drama, yuri
year: 2009
episodes: 11
for people who like: realistic lovestorys without 'the-typical-anime-hyperbloe' and yuri

as i already said at the beginning it's a long time ago since i watched this anime and just write about it because it's nice to compare with sasameki koto. at first sight they seem very similar but if you look close at the story you see that they're totally different.
it's not as funny as sasameki koto and much more realistic than romantic. i will explain more in my result.

the most important characters...

fumi manjoume
at the beginning of the anime fumi moves back to her homecity with her parents. here she meets her old friend akira who was an important friend in her childhood.
fumi is tall and quiet (and really looking like sumika from sasameki koto XD). her little secret is that she loves girls.
i personally really likes fumi. she's a cute and sensitive girl.

akira okudaira
akira is fumi's ex-best-friend . she's a childish but lovely girl who can understand feelings of other people well. she is tolerant and doesn't like to fight with people.
i really liked her during the anime but in fact it's hard to talk about her without spoiling the anime so i will just stop at this point. 8)

yasuko sugimoto
yasuko is really popular at her school. she seems to be perfect and succsessful in everything she does. that's why lots of girls like her very much.
this young girl is really interested in the cute and shy fumi. (they will be a couple during the anime,,, just saying ;D;D;D;D)
because she's the 'cool type' of girl and so different than the others, she got my attention. i really liked her personallity but i didn't understand all her decisions.

kyouko ikumi
kyouko is already the last character i will talk about. she is a quiet, adult and serious girl who is secretly lesbian. 'secretly' because she is already engaged with akira's cousin but she doesn't really care about that. she's in love with yasuko and always tries to get her attention. this is acutally making the drama in this anime.

in the end i want to share this picture of my favorite scene ;D

here is the opening of aoi hana. i don't really like the video but i'm really in love with that song *_*

result: this anime is really realistic and doesn't have this anime-hyperbloe. the atmosphere is quiet, gentle and melancholy which is also supported by the colours and the music/sounds. it could be a little bit boring for some people because here is not enough romantic for romanticfans and not enough yuri for yurifans. sob-stuff and otaku-fanservise aren't in at all.
the characters are really lovely and full of life and 'real' emotions. one sad thing about this anime is that it also has an open end because not even the manga is finished yet... little bit disappointing that there won't be more seasons.

i would say all these things are making this anime special. this one is about naturally love without all the over-dramatised, idealised love and without who-had-the-sadest-past. but 'realistic and serious' also means that there isn't much romantic.
i still recomment this anime because it's special!


good! it took a long time for me to write this anime review. i gave my best to make my opinion clear and to inform you about the anime. i don't even have an idea if somebody would be even interested in this but well XD atm it's the most interesting thing i could write about.
i would like to know if you would want to read more about anime or don't you like this idea so much?
give me your opinion please D:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

065; stine at my place

the last time i met stine was maybe 3 years ago. 8)))) we just kept the contact trough the internet. the secound time i met her on the meeting in düsseldorf. 
a few days later (6th jan) she came to stay at my place over night. 

oh yes we watched tokyo gore police. oh gawd one of the funniest movies i've ever watched XDD


the next day we went to the sushi restaurant okinii with some friends of stine. 
after that all-you-can-eat i was almost dying because my stomach hurted as hell DDD::::

Monday, January 2, 2012

062; flashback 2011

i just wanna talk about the good things.
2011 was a nice year to me because i could meet lots of my friends.
yuki i met the first time in this year. and i made a few new friends for example nana ♥
since september i'm going to high school ;D yeah, i'm lil bit young 8))
oh yes and since 2011 i'm vegetarian !

here are the highlights of this year !

march - amsterdam, netherlands

in mach i met yuki the first time in amsterdam. i've been there already but i never saw so much of this city.
we were there just one weekend with her daddy and his friends. i was a little bit afraid because i don't get any swiss-german 8)))
but after all i was really happy to meet yuki ;_;

august - bern & zürich & basel, switzerland

in august i was the first time in switzerland. i came to visit my cousin and of course yuki ;__;
the first days we spend at my cousins place in bern. we visited bern and zürich and then she brang us to yukis place in basel.


so for 2012 i hope that i can see all my friends again.
i wish i can go back to switzerland and netherlands.

i would like to lose some weight and to get a job. i wanna keep good contact to all my friends and take care of my family.

and of course i wish a happy 2012 for everybody.