Thursday, July 4, 2013

0103; moving out & dir en grey's gig

Hello gays!

So again i didn't update for some weeks. But I can actually tell you why I'm taking so much time to post. I moved away from home! Yes yes that sounds scary, espeacially in my age!
Now I live in Bochum in a shared appartment. I'm quite happy here. Trainstaion andI'm really busstops are really near and the people here are pretty nice too (sometimes). Ofcourse I'm a sad that i left my family.. but I really think this was the right decision for a happy future. My family moved quite far away now and i can see them just once a month. I miss you, everybody there.

in the middle of moving ; in my old room
shortly after moving ; in my new room
I wanted to move already a long time ago. I don't really want to speak about the reasons but I just wasn't happy about anything anymore. So I searched for a good place to live. I wanted to stay near my boyfriend and my friends. In that case Bochum is the perfect location for me. Then I finally found a really good apappartment.. but since I'm underaged it's not that easy to just move where you want to. (fuck this shit)
I lost all my hope and was sure that I can't do anything ever. But somehow I was lucky and I was able to move to my chosen place!
I'm really feeling a lot better now. Sometimes I'm very sad and afraid that it was wrong to leave. But I guess that is a normal feeling. I'm still having a real hard time but after all I'm happy that I can start my own life from now on.
So wish me luck that I will get better and finally success in something!

 Here are again some random pictures of myself. :--D The right one was my outfit for Japanday 2013 where I went with my friend Tinka. It was pretty boring this year so I don't have to write or show you guys anything about it.

After all the stress I wanted to do something good for myself and so I went to DIR EN GREY's concert on 11/06/2013! It was the best concert I ever went to. (I didn't go to many...) Seriously, it was just amazing. Sadly I couldn't really enjoy it because other horrible things where going on at the same time. But after all it helped me to free myself (if that is understandable:--D). I'm sure that this was what I needed to become a little happier. Also it was lovely to meet old friends and also some new people! Thank you Nana and Santi for spending this day with me! 

my outfit for the gig
weird picture
amazing music - amazing band - amazing people

Here is the merch that I bought there. I'm so in love with that bag. I'm wearing it almost everyday since then. The tshirt is a bit weird but i still love it aswell!

why is there a heart on my genitals
the lovely bag ♥
Hopefully I will update very soon. I have more motivation and more time now so I will keep going.

Thank you for reading!