Thursday, January 10, 2013

098; stuff i never talked about

hey hey ♡

okok i wasn't lazy all the time. in fact i'm never even at home. but still it feels like i'm not doing anything at all. i want to show you the stuff that i've been doing lately. and i will try to talk a bit about what happened. i know that i'm almost never writing anything interessting. but that's just because i'm afraid of talking about stuff too personal or just writing boring stuff. but i guess being boring is better than not saying anything at all :D so i will try..

i want to start with the reason why i'm actually never writing on my blog..
every week i go to different kind of doctors and that is kind of fucking me up. like it is just always the same but i'm still spending all my time in traveling from hospital to hospital or just waiting for going to the next one. in the waiting phase i have a lot of time but i'm so stressed that i can't even do anything for myself. i don't even know how i feel. i'm just sad and stressed since summer. maybe that's why i stopped writing my blog. 
but i know that this isn't the sense of having a blog. :D i really want to talk more about myself so you guys can actually 'get to know me'. i'm sure everybody is bored by my blog since it's just something like a picture diary for myself..

enough about the deep emo stuff XD

i finally got my nails to grow longer ;___;. since my nails are really soft it's is hard work to let them grow. they are so easily breaking. i tried a lot of things to make them stronger but i can't really help it. they keep breaking.. that's why i have short nails again now. :cccc when will my nails finally grow long and strong like normal nails? what ever i will keep trying!

creepy picture

here is some stuff which i bought/got in the last few months (? i'm not sure in which time i got these things.. i can't actually remember anything that ever happened in my life lol) the necklace and tea cup were presents by my friend carina ♥. since i got that tea cup to go i'm drinking 2 l/day.
the other stuff i bought at primark in essen. i'm so in love with the heels, bag and scarf. you can see me wearing these things in the upper pictures. 

this is menma (anohana). she is our new family member (lol). isn't she fucking cute? *-* vivien got her as a christmas present from a friend. but as long as i'm living in one room with her menma will be next to my pc. i'm such a lucky bitch ;_;
yes... i'm still sharing one room with vivien. sometimes it's kinda hard to never be alone. but we don't ever fight or anything. we have a lot of funny and happy times here and i'm glad to live with her. still i will be happy to have my own room when we move.. XD

many many times (everytime we meet) i've been eating outside with philipp. that's always kinda funny because i'm vegan so i always have meals with lots of vegetables. philipp food is always so anti-vegan as you can see in the photos. XD but i don't really mind. as long as i don't have to eat or spend money on it everything's fine.

 i hope you liked me writing more. it would be nice to know.. i still feel kind of stupid. XD

anyway, thank you for reading!

love, sara 

097; what?... again?!

hello everybody! again i haven't been posting.. i know that this is a BIT late but

and welcome back to my boring life. srsly there isn't even something to talk about. the pictures will tell you everything about what i've been doing. :D

watching anime and playing games
i stopped playing aion because of some reasons. thats why im doing all this other stuff now. maybe i will start playing again but at the moment i'm terrified about that game.

srsly wtf is that XD
 my christmas and new year haven't been exiting. i also don't want to do something like a flashback again. 2012 has been my worst year so far. a lot of bad things happened. but i guess i won't talk about it here. i just hope that 2013 will be better and that i can get a normal life back.
i'm trying to get a bit motivation back by writing this blog. i try to take more photos, try to write more and see things positive.

things didn't change. everything is like it always was... just worse.