Monday, December 3, 2012

096; what is real life?

yoyoyoyoyoyo my tomodachis4laifu
i guess it's time to blog about my boring life which is horrible atm ::DD no questions
as always i haven't done anything in the last few months but i will still try to write about some things..
so well i'm trying to get my hair silver as you can see a bit in the photo. if it works i will post something about how i did it and this shit. i think it's pretty hard but it slowly seems to work... 

 so what i've really been doing a lot is playing aion like a crazy bitch XD together with vivien (left) ive played like fucking everyday after school till we slept on our keyboards. this screen is already a bit older... i'm in lvl 33 now and i guess i will play it forever or something XD

and yes i've also been playing pokémon blue and pokémon black 2... well i guess black2 isn't like... i dunno isn't that good? it's pretty nice but well i wouldn't really buy it.. :c and sure the blue edition is fucking fun ;_;

#resident evil4 #fear 1-3 #bioshock2
here are the latest games that i bought. i'm so fucking scared by fear that i really can't play it XD
bioshock is kinda boring... but well i didn't play it a lot yet.. and well resi is fun for sure :::DDD

as you can see i haven't done much else than played and played and played...

this is viviens and my tee advent calendar. since we are vegan we can't take the chocolate ones anymore. but fuck yeah tea is the best ;_;

i also had a bit real life in the last months.... just a bit XD so i don't know if i wrote about this already but i've changed the school to a school kinda far away from my old one. i have to wake up around 05:30am and that's not really funny if you can imagine... XD
i don't know it's not as easy as i thought to go to school again after that long time. i thought it would be better but i feel that it fail again.... ok i guess this is getting too personal D:

a good thing about the new school is that i've met a lot of new people who are friendly. still i can't really open myself to anyone. but i hope this time will come ;_; maybe one day i can have..... friends at school.. XD
i don't meet my 'old' friends anymore which is making me really sad. but i guess atm there's nothing much that i could do about that..

this here are friends with who i went through pretty hard times... :D ok i don't want to get too personal again
here's a present which philipp gave to me XD 

 isn't he cute? ♥

so well at the moment i'm going through hell and i hope that it'll be over soon. i guess it will still take a long time.. but yes i hope i can blog a bit more. this makes me feel better because then i remember the better times. XD ok sorry for being so gay

see you hopefully soon,