Wednesday, October 26, 2011

042; meeting tinka and kenny

today i met tinka and kenny in düsseldorf. it was a random idea because i was like... too forever alone and so yes
we just chilled a lil bit around there and searched a winterjacket for kenny. srsly so uninteresting.

we just took this photo because some years ago we always did when we found this kind of hats. höhö

 ass you can see here... XDDDDD

and yes just when we found a new jacket for kenny we ...went back home.

and oh god i looked at so many ugly old pictures of me tonight. and srsly.... i've changed a little bit höhö


Monday, October 24, 2011

041; my tumblr

anime, ass, pussy, boobs, dogs, unfunny things which are funny to me, gore, and cats

for everybody who doesn't know that already:

i'm a sick-perverted, anime-addicted, animal-loving and unfunny person. höhö

040; my first circle lenses

ohai. a few days ago (i guess it was yesterday) vivien's any my circle lenses arrived.

we ordered geo supersize nudy greyand i must say i really love this fucking colour. ;_; (excuse that dirt on my mousepad.)

it was so weird to put them in to my eye the first time. then looking at myself. 'fuck i'm looking like a fucking alien.' srsly i've never used any contact lenses and well.. that was just a really strange feeling.

on this picture they are looking so blue... but well yeah they are grey and pretty D: (sorry for that horrible picture)

on all the other photos they are just looking black. because my ipod camera isn't the best.

here. just looking like some black stuff chilling around in my eye. and my hair is looking so fucking dirty.

btw i must say it's hard to put it in.... and out also. i dunno i'm not used to this (and i think that's the reason why i feel weird by doing it) and so it fucking hurts. :---(((

ah yes well about my week... i'm an fucking lazy fuckerass and since a few weeks i'm not doing anything anymore but watching anime and playing any random mmorpg. vivien, carina and tinka aren't here atm and that means that i'm srsly forever alone. my holidays aren't really usefull if i'm doing just the same shit i'm doing in the school time already. but so yes i can't help it. DDD:

ah yes, i started to play grand fantasia. i randomly found this game anywhere and i thought ok why not. and so yes here we go. :---) i just fucking love this game because i can always see this nice pants whole time. ♥

Thursday, October 20, 2011



038; japanday 2011

on the 15th october (last saturday) i went to the biggest convention in germany (i guess), the japanday.

here are some pictures of the friends that i met.

lena and tinka
maikel and lena
santi and chanty
 i also met nana but we didn't take any photo. ;_; and of course vivien was there too and later david came over. i was so happy to see them all because some i haven't met for awhile. stine was hard to find there (dumme kuh :c). i really wanted to meet her. but so yeah.

as you can see we really haven't done anything cool. we just herped the whole day and were searching our friends around there.

these are tinka, vivien and me derping around. it was kinda scary because vivien and me were wearing our maid dresses (which are even poor) and any 231846892364 people wanted photos of/with us. i just never had this situation because i'm always looking so boring. but yes. ;_; it was.... kinda scary.

we took many photos also but the most were just horrible. :c
but yes here you go.

we thought that this miku cosplay was really pretty. and fuck me my haircolour is looking so nice here (höhö). but so yes sadly this photo became just horrible. :c

these little girls were so fucking cute to ask us for a photo. ;_; even tho i'm looking fat as hell i love the picture because they were so cute.

the idea to cosplay disney princesses is so fucking lovely and i would do that. ;_; but they... didn't look so.... cool.

JUST THIS (i'm looking like i would be the smallest person in this world,,, just because everybody else was wearing high heels :---( )

later we took these sexy pictures with maikel. they were really SO FUCKING HORRIBLE but i don't give a fuck. i never met maikel before but i like him very much. he is funny and stuff... and well yeah.
this day was really fun but i missed my friends from switzerland and france. :c yes.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


carina i miss you and if you won't have time next weekend i'm gonna kill you :-----------C i hate you bitch.

my life has become even boringer than usually. i don't do anything at all anymore. :--D just resting around. just thinking about nothing. staying all night awake even tho i don't even want to. i'm becomming sick i guess.  my throat is hurting (höhöhöhöhö, ok not funny). i guess i just... dunno.. wanna die or something. 8)))

my katzischatzilein loves my grannykittybag. ;_; i dunno she is just so fucking cute.

here are derpy-maid-me and herpy-school-me höhöhöhöh. here you can see so well why i hated my hair so much. it always looked so fucking brown. :--C

i'm afraid of going to school.

036; new haircolour

i have been really unhappy because of my haircolour lately. :--C that right picture is my hair before. that left one after.

  see the difference

i hated my hair so much because i thought it was so fucking boring. :c i always wanted a... wine red... magenta red.. pink red.. whatever you wanna call it...
but i always just had any boring random brownred. i hated it so much :---( then now i just bought any expensive hairdye and voilá! finally my hair is like i've always wanted ;_; i'm fucking happy now. ♥

looks so yummy ♥ almost like anti-baby-period-blood

035; anime! high art - pop culture

last week i went on an anime exhibition with my japanese course. my teacher is so cool and does things like that. :--D it was in bonn and so it has been lil bit expensive...... i think :c

but in fact it has been really cool. we didn't learn as much as i wanted but still it was very nice. ;_;

i love my japanese course because there are just cool people except one random guy. vivien, david, marcel, robin. alica and lena are on this picture.

i have never been in bonn before. it was lovely there but really nothing special. it just looked like any other random city. :---( i always thought it was big and amazing. but i thought wrong.

this is fat me in hentai heaven. ♥

before we left we bought this bubble tea. and it tasted so horrible that we couldn't drink more than 1/4 :-------C

034; twessen

anytime last month i went to any lame twitter party with carina and jan eric. our gay friend wanted to go there so badly... and so we did. :---) but yes i don't even like twitter that much... and i didn't know anybody there.
i just always feel so  awkward at parties. :c

because i felt so weird we left after any 2 hours already. we went to eat any poor kebab stuff. :--( srsly it was so strange there.... i bought just any salad for 2€ and at that bitch wanted me to pay 4€. >8----(

when i bitched lil bit around she gave me 50 cents back. that bitch didn't even know how expensive this fucker salad was. :ccccccccc i hate that motherfucker forever.
whatever .... then i tried to eat my salad with a plastic fork. as you can see in that photo it failed JUST A LITTLE BIT :------DDDD

an other scary thing there was this. you come inside the shop and look at the pictures. aha, food, food... kebababababa... salad... alright... food... food... a girl. srsly wtf is that :---) OVER THAT FUCKING MEAT WERE TWO PICTURES OF ANY MUSTAFA GIRL.
did they wanna show what you're eating? the fuck was that. XD

after this fail we went to this lil café. it looked so cute and i really wanted to order something here ;_;

i just love to take this kind of pictures. me making a fail face, and my friends normaly in the background. ok i'm so unfunny. :c


this wanted to become a funny photo. but yes. no comment. i'm looking like jan eric's mom ;D;D;D;D;D;D;D;D;;D;DD;;D

i think carina is looking so fucking cute in this picture. ;_; me failing around and jan eric... looking just normal.

a funny picture. me again looking like an fucking idiot and the others just... normal. : |
god, why do you hate me so much?