Thursday, September 29, 2011

027; ブラック★ロックシューター

this week i also watched black rock shooter.  seriously, i just can't wait for the anime which will be published in jan 2012.

it is just an ova and it is pretty short. but really i fucking love it so fucking much ooooohhhh gaaaawd. i could watch it whole day. just this ova. the fights are so fucking cool and the story is sooo cute and oh god both are so hot. ;_;

In the anime the main figures, mato and yomi, are best friends and they have the same phone strap. now i'm going to order it end of this week with vivien. ;_; i think even tho it doesn't look so special it has got a really lovely meaning. that's why we are going to buy it together. ♥

026; my new plugs

Already a few weeks ago I ordered these plugs with Vivien.

Seriously, aren't they fucking pretty? ;_; I love them so much. So much glitter.
I just forgot to order something which fits to red clothes. But atm idgaf because they make me so happy.... ;___;

(the pictures of the other plug failed too hard,,, but it's also really pretty)
And finally I have 14mm. Now I'm thinking about stretching my other ear also. But yeah I'm not sure yet.

Looks like next year I will meet Yuki again in Amsterdam. In March it will be this time. I should ask my daddy about that soon. D: But I'm really happy because we're planning to meet Shelly from Austria also there. ♥

025; ChäoS;HEAd

In the last days I watched chaos head. I started watching it because... well... you see what it is about.
Cute girls, short skirts with weapons. hoho

It is about any Hikikomori who seems to become crazy. Really interesting story. At first I didn't get anything. So many things. Never sure is it now reality or just illusion. ;_;

choas head is an anime for people who like splatter, psychology and fights. :-----D so it was just perfect for me
Sometimes I didn't really like the drawing-style... but the story was just fucking cool.

In fact I don't wanna tell you... FUCKING WATCH IT. IT'S ONE OF MY FAVORITES NOW.

Monday, September 26, 2011


And still nothing happens.
Jan Gayric is too gay to send me the photos of saturday. That means I have to talk about my boring life.

she's so random

At the moment I don't feel very well... but so yes. Yesterday night I couldn't sleep. And yes... well. More work, less sleep. Always the same.

I dunno I just feel so emotionless haha. I watched chaos;head and black rock shooter in the last days... I guess I will write about that later or something..
I haven't done my homework yet. My room is looking so horrible.
I don't know what to do or where to start. But I'm not giving up this time.
.... I hope so.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

023; meeting carinase

Today I met Carina in Dortmund.
In fact I'm fucking tired at the moment. That's why I dont't want to write much.

It was a random idea. Carina called me after school and asked me if I'd like to come to Dortmund. hablahablahabla. We met Jannik. While waiting for that faggot we took these pretty pictures. (not serious bitch) Carina= 1. forever serious 2. höhöhöhöhö

When Jannik arrived he asked me if I could cut his hair... and well so i cut his and Carinases hair. :---D
Welly yes,,, then we chilled out with some goths and............ yeah. Later then we drove home... (oh how interesting) and.... here we go....
oh boy, sara and carina.
Now we are fucking tired and going to sleep. Story of my life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well hello again.
Today didn't happen anything special I guess. Okay, in fact I start every entry with the same words. 8--)

Yesterday night I couldn't sleep so I was waking up 'too' late. D: Luckily Ully drove me to school. First lesson maths, wuhu. I couldn't imagine something cooler than first lesson maths. :-D It's so horrible. I don't get a single fuck even tho I try hard. But yes...
German and history were interesting. (why am i even telling that?) But in my english lesson happened something weird. As you can see in my perfect made picture (fail) i was sitting next to the window and listening to my teacher. Suddenly I saw any random guy throwing a stone right to the closed window. I was just like 'Aaaaha, alright.' But then I realized that this random was the caretaker of my school and now throwing a second stone through the open window right into me. :----------D

Of course I was shocked and was cursing lil bit around. My teacher got so angry when I tould her the story and that bitch didn't believe me until the caretaker came to the window and was so 'Hohohhoohohhoohhohoohoohooho, close the window.' Seriously... this guy is SO sick. DDDD::: 

After that I had one sports lesson and then I went home, ate as much as I could and went to the supermarket with my family. (see how cool my life is) So yeah this pokémon guy is what my lil sister bought for me. ;_; She's really too cute. ♥

Yes well after that I made my homework and yeah.... Btw I love this picture of my cat's eyes. XD Here you can see so well that she is lil herpderping around. She is so retarded but the cutest cat in the world forever. ;_;

Monday, September 19, 2011


As you maybe noticed I can't (or just don't) update my blog daily anymore.
(wait, did i ever even do that?)

the prettiest picture about me, vivien and jan eric :-----)
But so in fact I don't even have anything interesting to say. I just went to school, made homework and all that stuff.
When I come back from school first thing I do is playing Kingdom Hearts. Then I usually watch anime and later then I play pokémon.... But yeah. 70% of my day after school I do homework and other school stuff.
I really see that it becomes much harder. But höhööh. idgaf cuz this year I won't give up :---D (maybe)

This is how my 'free lessons' are looking like. Meeting Vivien and Jan Eric, doing school stuff and playing pokémon.
Srsly my life is so boring....

These pretty girls made it lil bit easier for me. Seriously.... They are so fucking cute and cool. ;_; I love them both so much. And really this figure is my dream. Sorry I really have no words for that BUT THIS IS SO FUCKING PRETTY AND COOL AND REALLY HOT SIOBCIHSFBWF

And this girl... Oh lord, kill me. How can she be so fucking cute? ;_____; +pizza
I mean who wouldn't love her hair?

btw... I was about buying this coat. I'm really so in love with it. ;_; I'll ask my daddy anytime ...

In fact there's nothing else I could tell so far....

Saturday, September 10, 2011



017; my friends

I dunno I just want to tell you about my friends. :---c

This is Vivien. She is my best friend since  already four years. We are going to the same school, in the same school year. We met 2007 at any sports festival and we fell in love because both of us were in love with anime. XD Since that day we are doing everything together.♥

This is Yuki as you already know. As sad as it is, the best people are always living far away. And so Yuki lives in Switzerland. 8---) We know each other since may 2010. And even tho her country is next to mine we met in Netherlands the first time. :-D After that she had been two times at my place and I just wrote about my trip to her's.

This is Carina but I used to call her Carinase. The first time we met in March 2010. I just got to know her because she is the best friend of my gay friend Jan Eric. ;_;  She lives in Dortmund, just 40 train-minutes away and so I used to meet her very often.

This is Tinka. I got to know her in August 2008. So I know her already three years. ;_; When I came back from Macedonia Tinka was a new friend of Vivien and that's why I met her. At the beginning we met almost everyday and it has always been lovely with her. She also lives in Duisburg, so it was always easy to meet.

This is Chanty. We are friends since February 2011. I also just got to know her because she is a friend of Vivien. XD She is so fucking funny and almost everything she says makes me laugh.

This is Mandy. She is the sister of my father's girlfriend. :--D I don't remember when we met the first time but I know that I really love this girl. ;_; She is so fucking cute, oh god. She had always been smaller than me but on this ugly picture you see that she is taller now. :c Sadly we don't meet that often. But still we like each other very much.

I just saw that I don't have any pictures with my friends Jan Eric and David. ;_; But so they are with Vivien my only friends in my school. Anytime David, Vivien and me were the three best friends ever and did srsly everyday something together. Sadly we almost don't do anything together anymore.
Jan Ericand me neither but he is really cute. Sometimes strange but really lovely. ;_;
And höhö I noticed that I'm on almost every photo on the same side.... :--D Looks so stupid.

My friends are the most important part of my life and so I take care about my friendships.
Oh god, why do I sound so gay? >:--c 

016; hatsune miku gig

Yesterday I went to the Japan Media Arts Festival with my friends Vivien and Tinka. Hatune Miku live they said.
After this horrible school week it was just perfect. :--D

After school Vivien and I went to my place to get ready and stuff. After that we took the next train to Dortmund and met Carina there. Just a few minutes after that Tinka arrived also.
Later then we went to the place where the gig would be, Dortmunder U.

It was a really big and modern building. Really pretty there. 8)

And well yeah.... it was fucking full because it was a free gig. But still it was fucking cool and funny.

This was the big screen which was whole time in the background. We all were fucking exited. XD
When it began my heart stopped beating..... 8)))



..... It means that it wasn't as cool as expected but still fucking funny and the music was really great. ;_;
I would always go again on this kind of gig...
Even tho we saw just three japanese guys on their PC's and in the background any psycho stuff. At the beginning there was Miku dancing on two smaller screens but after the first song just psycho stuff. That was a little bit sad but yeah. Still very nice. ;_;

Anytime I wanna go on a real Hatsune gig. ;_; That would be the best ever.

really scary picture of vivien and tinka behind her XD
Ah yeah btw we were on any livestrem. :---D Lil bit embarrassing because we were partin' in the first line.... :--D But well it was still fucking funny to dance and sing and to do all this.... gig stuff. XD


Since wednesday I go to school again. It's funnier than I thought. Even tho I almost don't sleep at all I have more motivation than I ever had. But I really feel that it became much harder. 
I have much work to do. School takes like 80% of my day. At any 17:00 or 18:00 I'm at home and then I have to do my homework and study. Okay, this may sound stupid. 8D But in my whole life I had school till max 14:00. lol
Nevertheless I feel that I get used to that.

Any night when I couldn't sleep again I changed my room a lil bit. :---D

As you can see my PC is on a 'table' next to my bed now. It is fucking cool to just wake up and turn the PC on. I also put my school stuff there and that means I never have to leave my bed again höhöhöhöhöhöhö. 8--)

I have a bed for two persons but this here is the place where I sleep. This princess blanket I bought a few days ago. ;_; Snowwhite looks lil bit heryderp here. But it look fucking cute irl. ♥

Forever in my bed. :--D

Yesterday in a free hour I bought doubt 2

Well yeah the last days I haven't done much more than school and homeworks. >:---c 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

014; 春

I just wanted to say that Haru is still the cutest guy in this world. :---D
I dunno will I buy the new CD's because I don't have money atm... as always. 8)

Speed to night and chulip holic are the names of the new singles..

Here is a preview.

013; with tinka in düsseldorf

Today I met Tinka and went with her to Düsseldorf.
We ate sushi... and yesh. :---D
The puris of today I will upload later.

A very pretty photo! 8--)
In fact I just bought a book for school and some random stuff.

granny-cat-bag ♥

Here it is! Nothing special. But this bag I wanted already a long time. I think it is so fucking cute. I love granny stuff and cats. So this bag was just perfect for me. :--D

On wednesday my summer holidays will be over. That means I have to go to school again. I'm kinda happy about that I'll have something to do but I already feel that I'll be too lazy to wake up so early. :c

Here are random pictures of me today. Totally cute. 8------------------)

Monday, September 5, 2011

012; phantasialand

A few days ago I went to Phantasialand with my sister, my mother and her boyfriend. Phantasialand is amusement park in germany (?).

my younger sister and me

We woke up like 7am and well yeah, that's why I have been tired whole day. But it was very pretty and funny there.
Of course I have been on every rollercoaster.

here also

Şirin ♥
very hot faces XD


yeah well..
weird photo position..