Monday, August 5, 2013

0104; some stuff

Hey, hey!
Here are some old things that I didn't post yet. I have not much to say about that because it's too long time ago. :D

I'm using the Ultimate Repair set from Gliss Kur. I'm really happy with it. My hair feels a lot healthier since i started using this. And my hair is really dead. I chose the hairmask instead the conditioner because I feel like my hair needs a lot of stuff. XD

I decided to buy more games for my PS2. D: So I bought Final Fantasy 12 and Devil May Cry 1. Both of them are quite fun but I can't play them atm. :c

Finally I bought the powder I wanted for some months. Mac's studio fix powder in NW15. It's a lot better for my skin than my Dita Von Teese powder.

And juhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. I bouoght the cutest airmax ever. They are a bit too small but whatever. 8--) I'm really happy with them!

Random pictures of my new room. I guess I'll update more about it soon. But have a look at my cosmetic table (without my makeup).

Here is a photo of me and my sister Vivien at the wedding of my mother and her husband. It was really lovely to see my family again. Since we all are living in different cities it isn't that easy anymore.
I really do miss my family. I miss all the small things. But I believe that it is better this way.

Not much to read this time. I do want to post more. More about small things. And more about my thoughts.

I hope that my motivation is enough for that.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Love, Sara ♥