Wednesday, May 15, 2013

0101; my 17th birthday

a gift by phil ♥

So on the 1st May was my 17th birthday. In fact I don't want to talk a lot about it and just show you some pictures.

in the morning...
my vegan birthday cake ♥
lancome moistrurising creme
vera wang princess perfume and body lotion 
my birthday outfit
Since I don't really like birthdays it wasn't a really happy day for me. I don't want to think about it.
The only thing that I can say is that I'm really happy to have my family, friends and my boyfriend.
Thank you everybody for being there for me. ♥


Monday, May 13, 2013

0100; why do i even have this blog

Hey gays! ♥

Sorry, sorry, sorry again for not posting. I've been very busy during the last weeks/months. So I didn't really have neither the time nor the motivation to write anything about myself. 
Lately I've been pretty down and I'm not feeling very well. There are many important things about my future which are bothering me the whole time. A little time-out wouldn't be bad but it's quite impossible to leave the problems alone.
I can already tell you guys that I'll be moving out from home pretty soon. Nobody knows when it will happen but hopefully (very) soon. It could be this week or in 2 months.
On the other hand there is a lot stuff about school and job which is making me anxious. 
I have never been the person with lots of motivation or optimism but since 2013 I've lost almost all of these things. I don't really know where this is going and this insecurity is depressing me.
I don't know if this is too personal for a blog like this.. I just wanted to let you know.

But enough complaints! I want to show you a few things which I've done lately. :) As you can see in my pictures I wear pretty simple makeup lately. I don't really like seeing myself in this natural look. It doesn't really suit me but hopefully times will change and I will get new motivation to try and wear more makeup.

The following pictures will show you some things which I bought/got during the last weeks.

sony pastel pink headphones 

a new mobile phone - nexus 4 ♥

# valentines gift from my boyfriend # mac studio fix fluid nw10 # p2 sand style nailpolish # Lollipop Chainsaw from my boyfriend
Dita von Teese candlelight powder as an easter gift
backpack from ebay and louis vuitton bag from my mom
I really love all of these things. I wear my headphones everytime i go out. Nexus 4 is the best ever. Love my new makeup and powder, my new bags and ofcourse all the gift's I've got. Thank you so much! ♥

In the end are some more pictures of myself. There are quite many pictures i've taken... XD
Finally I dyed my hair pastel purple!♥ (It already faded away) juhuuuuuuuuuu

This time I wrote a lot about my life and I'm not really sure about doing this. I know that I asked about this in an other post already.. but do you think it's too personal to write personal themes on blogspot?

Thank you for reading my blog once again. I hope you enjoyed. ;_;