Wednesday, November 30, 2011


just an other random post to share some random stuff from the last days/weeks

this is what my mother bought for me ;_; isn't she so cute ? ♥

me, very hot

cute kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty kityykityyylykkizykyziyyzizykytiytyktykiyiyytyy

051; yuki in germany

yuki was back in germany at 26th november. and of course we were going to meet her.

together with tinka. fucking nice to see yuki again ;_; last time was when i started to write this blog D: (sorry for the picture tinka,,, but you're just too funny XDDD)

and yes we went to düsseldorf...


later we ate these fucking penis noodles,,,,, they were so good höhöhöhö

we made these amazing puris..... XDD the quality. fuck me.


just wanna tell some random stuff about my last week. i've been sick a lot. ;_; no idea why.

the christmas market opened already few weeks ago (not sure when). and even tho it's just the same every year it just feels fucking nice to be there.

my kitty is so fucking cute. she's whole time just sitting anywhere and not moving at all. ;_;


and i think this is the best picture to show how derpy she is XD but still she is and will always stay the cutest kitty in this world. ;_;

just wanted to share this herpy derpy with you ♥

srsly this is yuki's alpaca and i'm fucking jealous :ccc

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

048; carina's new haircut

last tuesday i went to the hairdresser with carina. :--D

even tho she's looking like justin bieber in lesbian version, she's very cute ;_;

after and before

i took some stalker pictures of her getting her haircut. :--D sorry, carina--- this is just too good XD

after that we were just chilling in dortmund. eating in mc donalds and stuff.
ah and buying stuff for her hair.

'öhöhhööhö i'm carina and i'm going to buy this wax  and hairspray'

ah yes and in the afternoon i tried to show carina how to style hair and that.... stuff.. D:


herpi derpi and cute carina 

and in the end the funniest thing ever. carry potter.

Friday, November 18, 2011

047; my week

deniz is back in the hood! :---D

sorry that i've been too lazy to post anything in the last days. i was so busy with learning and cleaning up my room. the last thing took me 3 days. XD a lot of shit happened that week but i don't really like to write about it. 8)))
here you can enjoy my mustafa look number two ♥:

no srsly the idea to do this was fucking random and didn't have any reason. but at least it was funny XD
mustafa deniz going to parteeeey <33<3<3333

yeah so i haven't done anything. school is fucking me atm. but that's normal.

oh yes my mom bought the best thing ever for me ;_______________;


i will love you forever for this mommy

and yes i bought a few makeup things. nothing special. but i really fucking love that lipstick ;_; it's my favorite now!

oh yes this is my sister with and without makeup :----D srsly i thought this was so fucking scary because.... i dunno she is 9 years old atm and really looking like that. but when i put that makeup she suddenly looked like 15 ;___; i love her even tho i'm afraid that she is going to be prettier than me..


i've thought one week about buying this dress or not. it's fucking cute and i love it so much and it was really cheap. but i dunno i think it makes me look fat. ;_; but still i bought it.... and this cute belt ;_; i wanna wear these things tomorrow! ;_;

herpily derping with vivien at school. my fakesmile is horrible. :cc

this one isn't really better but hm.

and in the end a random picture of myself... 8)=))))))(/()))(()

Saturday, November 5, 2011

046; random meeting

today i've been so fucking lazy. like the whole week already.
but because i felt so lonely tinka invited me to meet her and kenny. so sure i said yes :--))

sorry for beeing ugly and fat

later david called me and asked if he could come over. and so yes. :--D

we weren't doing anything but trying the new bubble tea shop... it was nice and yes i'm too lazy now to write about anything. :-C

045; deniz

yesterday i've met carina and her cousin in duisburg.
in fact we haven't done anything... but one funny thing was this.
we just went into any random shop and wore some random boy's clothes. omg i felt so fucking manly. :-----D
here is before and after:

hello my name is deniz mustafa asmir and i'm a manly gangsta and not gay at all. 

thats my bro

that's ma bitch
seriously i'm looking like a gay gangsta or just like a fat lesbian. XDDDDDDDDDDDD why am i so ugly and unfunny??


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


today really nothing special happened. i was just chilling all day long. and btw i was planning to meet carina tomorrow. i also should take new photos of me in my maid dress for the maid-café homepage but yeah... too lazy to get any makeup done. :((((((
i became just so fucking fat these last weeks because i'm too lazy to do anything but i eat as much as 3 persons would. next week my exam weeks are starting and i'm fucking afraid about that.
btw i think this here is the longest test i've written in this blog so far. :----( just because i'm always too lazy to write so much but atm i'm just lying on the sofa. for already 4 hours.
god, why am i so horribly boring. i think i should go to tidy up my room. so yeah. :---)))

i'm updating from my ipod touch atm and this is ma sister holding my cat. so ........ random.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

043; meeting carina and pascal

on sunday i met carina in dortmund. we met like 11 am. that was so fucking early but i was so happy that she came back from her vacations. ;_; and so yeah. we called like 892364 friends of her but nobody had time. finially we met passi-pussy. ♥ his name is pascal but HÖHÖHÖHÖ he's so gay.

when we were on the trainstation waiting for passi pussy the weirdest thing ever happened to me. any random guy was so running around there and looking at me like any pedobear and i was first like 'idgaf' but when i noticed that he just doesnt stop looking at me i looked at him and wanted to do that until he goes away BUT THEN SUDDENLY HE CAME TO ME. he said something like 'oh well i've seen you some minutes ago already and i think that you are looking very good. i would want to get to know you. hi, my name is tom.' srsly i just couldnt stand this and i was laughing like a bitch and well yes. this was just the weirdest moment in my life. XDDDD

as you can see we went into any park and derped around there. srsly i felt like i would be 10. we were running so much and playing on any playground and really.... THIS WAS TOO COOL.

i srsly have no idea how could i make that last face.