Friday, June 1, 2012

089; vegan brunch; about ib; some news

vivien and i went to the monthly vegan brunch in duisburg. it was pretty easy to find. as you can see there were lots of people D: and lots of food ;;;DDD i think i've never eaten that much in my whole life 8DDD everybody there was rly nice and lovely. we were the youngest around there but it was rly nice to see that there are many more vegans around duisburg. we're planning to go there every month. ♥

ok i know that nobody is rly interested in this but that's how my food looks like atm. i hope i will anytime fucking lose weight omg i can't wait
 (ignore the ice cream :--D)

and now some neeeews. vivien and i dyed our hair again. purple and pink ;_; aren't there colours fucking cute? T__T  but the real news are about something more serious. vivien is living at my place now. like yeah. she is like my sister now ;__; i won't explain why but i'm kinda happy about it .. ;_; i feel so much better since she is here with me. not that lonely anymore. it's always nice to have a friend around. ♥

i played the game IB twice. it's a computer pixel rpg whatever game. and srsly i love this shit. it's like the best thing in my life. i never played anything like that before but since IB i love them all. it's a horror survival game with many scary riddles. you can download it for free. i would link the page here if i'd remember it 8DDD but srsly everyone has to play it. it takes just about 2 hours but it's the best thing ever (XDD) ♥

ok and here again some random shopping photos~

mirai nikki 1; deadman wonderland 3; carnation pink - directions; violet - directions
vivien's and my shoes. h&m; 15euro
grave of a dead bird which we found in the garden ;_;
the best dog ever
the best weather in a long time


  1. Omg der Vegane Brunch sieht ja super lecker aus *________* hier gibts sowas leider nicht, aber ein Café in das ich oft gehe bietet bei deren Brunch (3x im Monat) uA auch vegane Sachen an ♥

    Haferflocken *____* viele Menschen verstehen das nicht, aber ich ess die echt gern!!

    Eure Haarfarben und Haare allgemein sehen super aus ♥

    Wo ich die Manga seh...ich muss mir au noch bestellen/kaufen ôô danke für die Erinnerung!

    Haben die Schuhe ein bisschen Plateu oder sieht das nur so aus...?

    RIP Vögelchen ♥

    Wundervoller Hund ♥

    1. omg ja das klingt auch voll geil ;___;
      jaa ohne spaß ich dachte auch erst haferflocken sind ew aber ich liebe sie so ;_; probier das mal mit Leinsamen!
      jajajaja haben sie ;_; deswegen haben wir sie ja auch XD irgendwie die einzigen in der richtug die du für wenig geld bekommst :3

      danke danke danke ♥

  2. will das auch spielen ;O;

    LIEBE eure haare!!

    und tolle bilder generell ;_;