Thursday, December 29, 2011

055; a late merry clitoris

ok this is a little bit late ... but i hope everybody of you had a wonderful christmas! ♥

here are my presents!

# cranberry joy handcreme - the body shop
# cranberry joy lip balm - the body shop
# an amazing nail file!!! ;__;
this is what i got from my stepsister ;___; oh fuck this is so amazing T_T

and finally i got a really big make up case in light pink ♥ 
so perfect ;_; i spent like 3 days just with this case because i was so happy about it

i got this stuff from my mom,,,
# essence eyeshadow
# blush brush
#eyeshadow brush
# lip brush


  1. make up case omg I want it NOW *w*

  2. yeah don't you think so? *-*
    i fucking looooove it