Thursday, December 29, 2011

057; rammstein cd's & forsaken world

oh yeah. already long time ago i bought these new rammstein cd's

this is their new single called 'mein land'
isn't it looking fucking cute? öhöhöhöhöhö

here is their new video <3

this is their new album 'made in germany'
i bought the limited edition because there was a remix cd... but i'm just sad that i spend money on that because it is just FUCKING BAD :c i just like.... maybe one remix..

lately i've been playing forsaken world. that game is awesome.
even tho there are manny lagging parts it's just fun to play it

up there is my character.
i have my pantsu gurl


  1. Those Rammstein's CD cover and video are hilarious XD

  2. yeah i laughed so much when i saw that the first time XD