Thursday, January 10, 2013

097; what?... again?!

hello everybody! again i haven't been posting.. i know that this is a BIT late but

and welcome back to my boring life. srsly there isn't even something to talk about. the pictures will tell you everything about what i've been doing. :D

watching anime and playing games
i stopped playing aion because of some reasons. thats why im doing all this other stuff now. maybe i will start playing again but at the moment i'm terrified about that game.

srsly wtf is that XD
 my christmas and new year haven't been exiting. i also don't want to do something like a flashback again. 2012 has been my worst year so far. a lot of bad things happened. but i guess i won't talk about it here. i just hope that 2013 will be better and that i can get a normal life back.
i'm trying to get a bit motivation back by writing this blog. i try to take more photos, try to write more and see things positive.

things didn't change. everything is like it always was... just worse. 


  1. Happy you're back and held your head up high, Beauty.

    1. thank you very much. at least somebody's reading my blog XD
      that's so cute ;_; thank you! i'm trying to stay strong