Sunday, January 29, 2012

067; peanut and shelly

now after 389047890372409745 years vivien and i decided to go out with the doggies again. it was really the best thing we could have done. shelly was sooooo happy to see peanut after such a long time ;_; and so was i.

he is soooo tall and sometimes lil bit scary because he is so wild :c but omg love for peenerd forever

it has been a nice day. we met in the afternoon and went outside. our doggies were playing so happily ;_; even tho peanut ate any plastic bag which he was puking out later and shelly went to swim in any river 8))) no srsly it was funny ;_; i was so so so so happy to meet vivien again. we had so many things to talk about. god i love just everything atm ♥

oh god really can you see how small peanut was? ;____; such a cutie in 2010
and now he is so much taller than shelly XD
they're forever a dreamteam ;__; hope we will have fun the next day ♥


oh what the hell is my camera doing????? i didn't do anything and every picture is looking like this D: wtf .... i fucking hate my ipod camera.. i really hope i will get an other one soon :c i don't have anything with which i could take nice pictures when i'm anywhere... that's also the reason why i don't have any pictures of tinka's birthday party. D: but so hope to get something soon

in these pictures you can see two new shirts which i bought 8DD but because of my ipod i can't show them in full size... as soon as i will have a real camera i will show that ;_;

i really really like my hair colour in this one *__* if it would look like that irl i would be the happiest girl alive :D

oh yes here is a video i really like. this is why i love anime more than real life!!

but so yes lately i didn't even watch that much anime. i just chilled my ass off and ... i don't even remember what i did. just lying in the bed and dying or something 8D 
ah no i kinda met a new friend and i'm very happy about that ;__; everything is fine;; i feel happy at the moment. ;_;
oh but i can't wait for school on monday... ;D


  1. Awwww, cute doggies! They look so happy <3
    Yay, leopard shirt and shiny shirt! Two of my fav things XD I actually had my hair that colour in the second photo. I used Special Effects "Devilish" and it came out super bright red like that with a bit of a magenta-ish/raspberry undertone (but not too much of it, it was definitely RED).

    1. yesss they're so cute i love them ;_;
      oh yeah glitter stuff is one of my favorite things too atm XD i just keep buying everything in glitter... which look sometimes lil bit weird. 8D
      oh i never tried special effects.. D: just directions yet. but thanks,, that sounds like the colour that i want! i will try that next time my colour fades away XD