Saturday, January 21, 2012

066; forever lazyfish

well ok for a long time now i haven't done anything. i've been just in my bed whole day... watching some anime and getting really fat :)) sounds lovely, doesn't it? so well yeah i'm going to talk about my lazyfish weeks now...
it's just that since one week i have the best job in this world 8D i can just do whatever i want... for example nothing at all ♥
but yes i bought some stuff in the last weeks/months which i didn't show yet!

i got these pretty candles today ;_; they're from ikea.

.....already longer time ago that i bought that XD hm in fact it's just hair contitioner, hair water (dunno if that makes sense in english... i didn't even know it in german before 8D), night conditioner, hairspray, some hair stuff for after shower and some face creme. i must say i really love all of these products ;_; they're from alverde, balea and got2b. as you can see in fact,,, why am i saying this

oh well i guess i bought this here in december? XDDD a new make up from the body shop. it was quiet expensive D: 18euro if i remember right ... the make up i used before (can't even remember which) was around 10 euro i think... D: i don't like the smell of it that much... but actually it's very nice!
that banana shampoo, i dunno i thought it would be cool. but wtf. i srsly hate the smell and it isn't even so cool :c

oh well my kitty pullover i bought already months ago but never showed it here! i really really love it ;_; it's my favorite forever. it fits so well to my kitty bag ♥
and yeah a kitty brush cup and a kitty rubbish bin ... i'm so in love with kitties. i think that will never change XD

that tunnel i bought today. i payed 10 euro for that D: i could get it so much cheaper if i would order... but i dunno i didn't want to wait anymore... i was so bored of my other plugs :c
i really like this one♥

here is a .. random ... no-make-up picture with my little sister....

my sidecut is looking like a black hole in my head XD but yeah that's how i look like the last weeks. pretty clothes, cool hairstyle or makeup would be just a waste in this kind of days 8)

today i was really bored and so i started doing make up. but i just couldn't do it as well as i wanted :c i ended up removing one full side because it looked horrible. and now i can show the with and without make up effect. 8DDD
my eyebrow is looking so horrible in this photo XD ok irl it isn't pretty but doesn't look so.... reatarted like in this picture... 
i dunno i think this picture is funny just half retarded ;D


oh well tomorrow i'm going to tinka's birthday party. so i think i will write soon again and won't be such a lazyass anymore 8)
ok i will stay like this forever.

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