Friday, February 3, 2012

068; almost perfect

oook i didn't post a lot in january (i haven't ever posted a lot) but i would like to change that now :c i can't believe that it's already february and i still haven't done anything 8D i mean.. at the moment my life is almost perfect. i sleep (often) as long as i really need which is rarely for me. that's a big reason to feel good.

and ok because i don't have pictures of my real life to show i'll just post pictures which i like a lot. here are the prettiest persons and hair colours i've seen in the past weeks.

i would love to have a hair colour like that. i become to tired of my red. oh btw i bleached my hair two more times this week and used tulip directions on it. and i have to say that this is the prettiest haircolour i've had so far. i just can't show that on a photo because well... my pretty ifuck camera 8))))))))vdjisdvbnsid

these pictures are just love. i'm serious i would marry myself if i had this kind of room. i really can't wait to move... then i will fucking make it look like that *___* that makeup table idea for sure! oh and yes this random anime room picture between the princess rooms XD i dunno i don't really wanna have my room like that. just a lil bit. :c

and yes my favorite song atm :^D in fact i listen to miku only...... 8) 

and then this random oreimo op XD no srsly i don't even like this song so much.... it's just ringing in my head for a few weeks because i started to watch this anime. i'll write soon about that... here you can already see why i really like this one. 8--D

but uff yes i'm going to my dad's place tomorrow. i don't really wanna go because ... it's always just so boring there D: but maybe he could finally buy me a camera :ccccccccccc

but so yes,, see you later 

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