Tuesday, November 1, 2011

043; meeting carina and pascal

on sunday i met carina in dortmund. we met like 11 am. that was so fucking early but i was so happy that she came back from her vacations. ;_; and so yeah. we called like 892364 friends of her but nobody had time. finially we met passi-pussy. ♥ his name is pascal but HÖHÖHÖHÖ he's so gay.

when we were on the trainstation waiting for passi pussy the weirdest thing ever happened to me. any random guy was so running around there and looking at me like any pedobear and i was first like 'idgaf' but when i noticed that he just doesnt stop looking at me i looked at him and wanted to do that until he goes away BUT THEN SUDDENLY HE CAME TO ME. he said something like 'oh well i've seen you some minutes ago already and i think that you are looking very good. i would want to get to know you. hi, my name is tom.' srsly i just couldnt stand this and i was laughing like a bitch and well yes. this was just the weirdest moment in my life. XDDDD

as you can see we went into any park and derped around there. srsly i felt like i would be 10. we were running so much and playing on any playground and really.... THIS WAS TOO COOL.

i srsly have no idea how could i make that last face.

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