Wednesday, November 2, 2011


today really nothing special happened. i was just chilling all day long. and btw i was planning to meet carina tomorrow. i also should take new photos of me in my maid dress for the maid-café homepage but yeah... too lazy to get any makeup done. :((((((
i became just so fucking fat these last weeks because i'm too lazy to do anything but i eat as much as 3 persons would. next week my exam weeks are starting and i'm fucking afraid about that.
btw i think this here is the longest test i've written in this blog so far. :----( just because i'm always too lazy to write so much but atm i'm just lying on the sofa. for already 4 hours.
god, why am i so horribly boring. i think i should go to tidy up my room. so yeah. :---)))

i'm updating from my ipod touch atm and this is ma sister holding my cat. so ........ random.

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