Tuesday, November 29, 2011

048; carina's new haircut

last tuesday i went to the hairdresser with carina. :--D

even tho she's looking like justin bieber in lesbian version, she's very cute ;_;

after and before

i took some stalker pictures of her getting her haircut. :--D sorry, carina--- this is just too good XD

after that we were just chilling in dortmund. eating in mc donalds and stuff.
ah and buying stuff for her hair.

'öhöhhööhö i'm carina and i'm going to buy this wax  and hairspray'

ah yes and in the afternoon i tried to show carina how to style hair and that.... stuff.. D:


herpi derpi and cute carina 

and in the end the funniest thing ever. carry potter.

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