Tuesday, March 20, 2012

079; carina days

ok again i haven't written anything for years. and this time it seriously was my internet's fault. since weeks i didn't have it in my room. ;_; just upstairs, at my mom's pc. and it really sucks if your mom is as pc-addicted as you are. 8D
in the last two weeks i met carina a lot. nobody of my other friends had time... or maybe i just don't have friends lol. mostly we have been in dortmund. just chilling the whole day. eating like pigs... the normal stuff you know.

oh and i got this really cute purse from yuki. ;__; ♥ thanks a lot! she bought it for me on her korea trip. i really love it. i use it for my make up when i'm going anywhere. i was even going to buy something like this but i didn't find a cute one. so this was really the perfect present. thanks ;_;

we have been in the vegan café two times as you can see. it was so amazing. the food tased so damn good i wanted to die. XD really everybody who lives around should go there and try it. the best thing ever. seriously.
i also tried a lot of different milk substitute and soy puddings/yoghurts now since i'm vegan. i must say i didn't like many of them but a few. and i really feel a lot healthier. before i went vegan i thought that it's hard to find products that i can eat. but it's easier than i thought. i really think that this was the best decision in my life. ;;;DD

as you maybe noticed i tried something different with my hair. ok i know in fact it looks the same.. but i tried to show my sidecut a little bit more. carina and my family said they like it more than usually. but i'm not so sure about that..

# alverde compakt makeup - 010 light-beige
# alverde kompaktpuder - 010 naturelle
# alverde - augenbrauen-kit

this stuff i bought lately. i really like the make up. it has a very good coverage. the poweder isn't special. like everything else i've used before. D: and the eyebrow powder is really the best. before i used a really dark one. but this colour is my favorite lately.


  1. CAT THEMED EVERYTHING, YES! Oh gosh, my loooove!
    Mhhh, delicious looking food. I always felt like I had way more energy being vegan. I'm glad it's going well for you! :D
    I love your sidecut!

      yes i feel the same way. i feel a lot healthier since i'm vegan.
      i'm happy that you're also vegan. ;_;
      thank you a lot!