Tuesday, March 6, 2012

anime review - oreimo

ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai -
my little sister can't be this cute

original title: 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない 
gerne: comedy, drama
year: 2010
episodes: 12
for people who like: funny stories without deep meanings

i watched this anime in the beginning of january i think. i was too lazy to write about it yet but i decided to do that now. i still don't really know do i like this anime or not.
one very lovely thing about it was that it was an anime about otakus. i really like this idea in general. but there were a few things which i didn't like. i would say oreimo isn't a special anime but a quiet funny one.

kirino kousaka
kirino has a perfect life at first sight. she is good at school, is famous, is modeling for magazines and earns her own money with that. but in oreimo we get to know about the real kirino with her secret hobby. she is crazy about magical girl anime and eroge games. she loves her hobby but is afraid of being an outsider and losing her friends because of her interests. her brother kyousuke finds out about her hobby and he becomes the only one to who she can talk about her hobby. but she always stays the typical sister which we know from our real life: moody and bitchy. 

kyousuke kousaka
even tho they are brother and sister they don't act like they should. kirino is treating her brother like he wouldnt exist. kyousuke is used to that and doesn't really care about. when he randomly finds out about kirino's secret hobby and everything suddenly changes, he is confused.
he says that he doesn't like his sister but he always supports her. he is like a good brother should be but kirino doesn't really care about him. not even her ignorance can stop him from helping her. 

ruri gokou (kuroneko)
kuroneko is one of the only ones to who kirino can talk about her hobby. but because they have a really different taste in anime they always fight. to run kirino down is one of kuroneko's favorite things. even tho they are always mean to each other they are very good friends.
she is in love with a gothic-anime. she says that this one is really high art so she always wears cosplays of it and even talks like one of the characters.

saori makishima
kirino's secound friends who shares her hobby. saori is the typical otaku and even the president of the 'otaku girls community'. this is how she got to know kirino.
she is a really friendly and open-minded girl. that's why she doesn't really care about the bitching friends. she has a lots of contacts and loves sharing her hobby with others.

manami tamura
she is the typical 'the shy kindergarten-friend who has always been secretly in love with him'-character. she was the only one which i didn't like at all during the anime. she is too shy to say anything about her feelings to kyousuke and so they always stay friends. in fact there isn't much to say.

ayase aragaki
ayase is kirino's best friend. they go in the same class and have the same job. she is always friendly but when she notices that somebody is lying to her, she is a maniac. the problem is that she gets to know about kirinos secret and becomes more than mad. she hates otaku's more than anything.

here is the opening of oreimo. it's a really catchy song and i just cannot ever get it out of my mind. and the lyrics fit very well to the anime.

now comes the part of my own opinion. i must say that i really loved the idea about this anime. a perfect girl how is secretly an otaku. this sounds like a good comedy story but all the good comedy-potential isn't used well. i also like the maincharacter with her twisted personality but when you watch the anime you don't really get to love her. she is always bitchy and moody, never evident. no matter what her brother does for her. you just learn to hate her more and more for her unthankful manner.
but i must say i really liked all the different characters. all of them were special and were related well to each other. but from the beginning till the end there is really no change at all. the characters are acting the same. it just never changes anything. i think it would have been better if something changed.
in the beginning of oreimo you are really entertained because it's really a funny one. but after the first few episodes it's just going nowhere. after some time the anime has too many slice-of-life episodes but no straight storyline. nothing changes from the beginning till the end. you can just have a short view in kirino's life. and after some time you wonder where is this anime going? - nowhere

result: a really funny comedy anime about otaku's. the first few episodes are good the rest is quiet boring because nothing really happens. all the characters are lovely made and it's interesting how kirino is managing her different hobbies. after all i would watch a secound season because of the humor.
perfect for people who just want a simple comedy story without deeper meanings or much drama.

i already posted this picture but this is seriously one of the best anime screens ever. XD


  1. well i must say this anime was quite disappointing,after the first episode i was getting excited thinking we will start seeing a weird but lovable yet vulnerable side of kirino and some amazing sugoi bizarre japanese sh!t and maybe see some strange taboo relationship/love/honne/tatamae develop between them but it ended up being episode after episode of endless bitching and all the characters being nothing but props for kirino's life.honestly this anime is about sisterly brother love so where is the love??im starting to feel a little sorry for the bro

  2. uh one last thing,i wish kyousuke will be a little more hentai and dosent she have any better response than to call her brother gross and slap him every time he makes a comment?

    1. yes you're absolutly right. i was really disappointed too. i thought omg no she is like so cool because she is as weird as i am.... and then just this shit... you're right it was rly pretty boring D:
      i'm happy that we're sharing the same opinion ;D