Sunday, March 25, 2012

080; springgggg

finally! i've waited for this a long time. it's spring. here in germany it already feels like summer. it's end of march and we have 25°. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG XD but so i've been outside a lot. and again i've been in dortmund with carina. lately this is the only thing i do in my whole life. omg.

in the vegan supermarket i bought a lot of food. i bought gummi bears, cutlet, salami, cookies, nutella, egg replacer and all that stuff. i hope that all these things taste good.

oh yes. this is the gayest thing i've done lately. XD i bought this shopping bag maybe a week ago so i don't need to buy plastic bags anymore when i go to the supermarket. and i thought why shouldn't i draw something on it. oh god and of course i made a gay unicorn bag.. XDDD but i still love it.

finally i decided to buy deadman wonderland. i've watched a few episodes of the anime and i liked it a lot. since that i'm thinking about buying the manga. and now i did it. ;_; i hope that the manga is as good as the anime.

this simple skirt i bought a few days ago. you can't really see it in the picture but it's light pink. i really like this one because i can wear it with almost anything. D: a really cute one.


  1. I changed my blog address and decided to informate you as I saw you're my follower ^^