Monday, March 5, 2012

076; forever sick

hellououou.  ok i know that i haven't been blogging a long long time. when i think about the past weeks i don't remember anything that i've done. but when i look at pictures i can even proof that srsly no shit happened. 8)))

one thing i've done is dyeing my hair. a hot picture of me with bleaching on my hairline ;DDD my sidecut is smaller now than before. i decided if you can't ever see it ... why should it be so ... big? XD but so after that i dyed my hair with rose red by directions. in fact i didn't want red at all anymore but pink. so i took a pink colour but srsly... after washing it out it was like fucking dark purple. and i really wondered why did i bleach my hair if it is going even DARKER than before? XD really i almost died.
luckily the colour came out a little bit more after washing it 5 times in one day.. but TADAA it totally looks like the tulip colour that i used before. 8) nice try.
rose red is the worst colour ever. ok all the directions are stuck in towls and in the bathtub, but rose red is the horriblest colour ever. it stucks everywhere and there is no way in hell to ever remove it again. 8) i wonder which colour i will try the next time...

and now the sad news. my kitty is limping and the doctor isn't sure if her leg is broken. i guess she fought with an other cat. she lost one teeth and has a bite injury on her elbow. i'm really worried about her. she is sleeping the whole day and doesn't go out anymore. it's a week ago that we have been at the doctor and it didn't become better yet. in the next days we will visit him again... i dunno what will happen then but i really hope just the best for my kitty. ;_;

and now some good news. 8) i got pokémon black version for just 20€. that's also ... maybe two weeks ago. and i play this game like a crazy bitch. i must say i really hate the new pokémon. ok, most of them. but the game is so lovely made. i really can't stop playing it.

and oh by the way. i finished kingdom hearts 2. oooh god this was really the best game ever. i'm going to play the first one now and then the 2nd one again. 8) ok sometimes the story is a little bit very gay and very emotional. but seriously. the best thing in my life. anybody who didn't try it yet, please do it. here is a video from the whole game. i really love this one. ;_;

• balea young - mademoiselle chic deospray
• p2 colour victim nailpolish - 543 break the rules!
• alverde lipsick - 56 plum berry
• alverde eyeshadow brush

some stuff which i bought in 2834623894 years. on this picture the lipstick looks kinda red but in real life it's pinky purple. i really like this one. i thought i need a little change about the colours because only lipstick and nailpolish that i use is usually red. so i wanted to try pink now.

the very first time i left my house in some weeks. only vegan sushi even if it's looking like fish. ;D god i gained like 2384689243 kg. but alright.

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