Tuesday, February 7, 2012

069; new camera (finally)

ohai,, this weekend i have been at my dad's place. it was really as boringas always... but yesh

my dad's dog amy was just the best thing there. she became so tall ;_; she is so cuuuuuuteeeee...
the only reason why i visit my dad anymore 8)) (hust hust)
hello this is me with my ugly camera and my hair looks weird but HELLO

but the good thing is that i forced my daddy to finally buy me a camera. i really need one because well.... my ipod camera is the worst ever :c the new one isn't.... that good... but a lot better 

ah yes my cousin from switzerland is in germany till this week. on sunday she has been at my place to visit my parents. we made some nice plans but i will talk later about that ;;;DDD
anywayssss,, it was very nice with her ;___; i hope i will go to switzerland soon to see her and also yuki!

and in the end one of the best screens:


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