Monday, February 13, 2012

072; vegan wonderland with carina

So on friday I went to Dortmund early in the morning. I think i woke up at 07:00,, usually I would sleep at this time.8) The reason was to visit Carina. (of course). I went to her school alone. Oh fuck I was so nervous that I wouldn't find it but luckily I did. XD I wasn't even late. The first time in my life. :--D
So I picked her up from school. Then we took the train to her home.

hallo pretty carina ;D;;DD this is the 'snow' here in germany atm ;;;DDD
On the way we met a few of her classmates. They were so nice. I don't know. I don't remember the last time that somebody I don't know was so nice to me. XD Or that I met somebody new.
At Carina's place we ate some... pickled cucumbers and ice cream.... ? A nice breakfast XD 

In her garden were chilling some of these squirrels. And this lovely one came so near to us and wanted food.. or something XD God I dyed because it was sooo cute. ;_; I've never seen a squirrel so close 8)

Here is a pretty picture of Carina again. With our Ice Cream. 8)) We didn't spend a long time at her place. After maybe 2 hours we went into the city. And god yes I did read about VeganWonderland a lot and one of my friends have been there before. I wanted to go there already a longer time but always forgot when I was in Dortmund.
VeganWonderland is something like a vegan supermarket where you can get just everything you ever dreamed of. *_* The shopgirls were so nice and friendly.

so cute decoration with such a cute message

 So next to that supermarket is a vegan Café. I didn't look at the name... but I think the name was sausebrause. 8) Seriously, look how fucking cute this Café is. Just everything so sweet made. They sell everything you could imagine. Waffles, donuts, bagels, burgers, kebab, cookies, cupcakes, cakes, etc. I felt like in heaven. So many delicious things without a single animal product. I will visit this Café as often as I can ,,oh god. ;____;

I ordered a burger and Carina took a chocolate cookie. It was very delicous. T__T And didn't taste a lot different than the usual versions.
I would love to work in this shop but I just can't always go 40 minutes by train just to my work. D: Hopefully there will be a shop like this around my city anytime..

After we have been in this shop we just went around the city. Chilling. As always. 8) In random stores looking at stuff, talking and laughing a lot. I felt really good to meet Carina again. It was the first time this year that we met. I missed her a lot. This meeting was the best one in a long long time. ♥

In the end my favorite pic atm. 8)


  1. A vegan supermarket! Ahh, that sounds like my food paradise <3 The cafe is so cute. I love the colours they used.

    1. Well, yes. This IS my paradise♥
      All the decoration was so cute and pretty. And believe me the people were just so cool and friendly. I think I will spend my half life there. XD