Saturday, February 11, 2012

071; what is wrong with my hair?

ok so i finally woke up now. in fact i don't have that much time because carina is comming over soon. D: but i guess it's time to write about things which happened... last week?? 8)))

first thing: WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY HAIR? it's looking so fucking pink after washing it just two times D: ok i wanted red with lil bit pink... BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS IT IS SHINING NEON PINK... if it would be lil bit less shiny i wouldn't mind. but what is this fucking neon stuff there omg i don't want that much attention XDDD dunno what i'm going to do now.. i guess i will just wash it off and put pure pink ;D ok maybe just red. i will think about this later D:

last week i met tinka to bake a cake for any school event. oh god it was very funny XD two lazyfishes which have no fucking idea about anything ... baking together? so many things failed 8D we had to go to the supermarket to buy new stuff for a new try around 819364892364 times. XD sadly i couldn't taste it because it was for her school :( in the end it looked very delicious but i had to leave early DDD;;;;
i would really love to be able to bake or cook.. but i'm just too bad for anything like that XD 

next thing i've done this week is playing all my old PS2 games! OH GOD IT WAS SOOOO GOOD AFTER SO LONG TIMEEEEEEE,, dunno what is wrong with my tekken5 ;_; i love that game so much ,, it's was a big part of my life in age 10-13 XD but my game is kinds broken... that sucks because i don't think i'm going to buy this again XD but omg i played kingdom hearts like a crazy bitch. every single day. every hour.  i'm stuck in the first game. D: i don't know why but .... i just can't find alice???? D: what is wrong with me?? so i just continued playing kingdom hearts 2 8))) even tho i don't get the story so well.. but oh god i love this one so much. 

SCHLECHT höhö. as you can see i'm in that part where i must make any musicals with arielle 8DDD and sorry but WHY AM I LOOKING SO GAY? why are all the songs so gay? well i think the atlantica level is really boring and horrible. it is like a fucking poor and weird version of osu D: it's so boring just whole time playing the songs without any fight. >:(  i hate to know that soon i've got to go back to this world DDDD::::< just why have you made this level so bad???

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