Sunday, August 28, 2011

002 trip to switzerland ; day 1

I've been in Switzerland from 19th to 24th August 2011.
I had never been there before. My cousin lives there since almost a year. But the real reason why i went to Switzerland was my friend Yuki. She had been at my place just a week ago and of course I wanted to see hers also.

So the flight was horrible. In fact I love to travel, especially to fly. But seriously, easyjet is the worst airline I ever flew with.

The nicest thing was the view.♥

I just flew to Macedonia and Spain any time. So the flight to Switzerland seemed very quick. From Düsseldorf to Basel just 55 minutes.
This airport in Switzerland is very confusing... It took any 10 minutes till i found just the fucking exit. haha

oh boy..... easyjet
Luckily Yuki and my cousin were already waiting for me.
Later we went to eat something in Basel and then the husband of my cousin drove us to their house, which is in Bern.
And then we just went to sleep I guess.

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