Monday, August 29, 2011

004 trip to switzerland ; day 3

At my last day at my cousins place we went to Bern. The buildings there are very old but fucking pretty.
Bright houses; red flowers. It looked amazing. Sadly it had been 35°C whole fucking time.
I will post random pictures now again.

halim and aylin again. 

this was fucking pretty. ♥

any church

In the afternoon Halim, my cousin's husband drove us to Yuki's place in Basel.
It took any 284703274 hours i dunno why.
Finally i could meet Yuki's daddy again. I fucking love him. He is really the funniest father I have ever seen. Whole time making any horrible jokes and stuff. Oh boy, my humor. haha
I met Yuki's sister Misa for the first time. And she is very lovely.

But so we haven't done anything special anymore.

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