Tuesday, August 30, 2011

007; CSD Dortmund

On Saturday I went to the Christopher Street Day in Dortmund with my best friend, Vivien, and Son.
It had been a rainy day but it was fun. Together with all the gays. haha 
I met a few people I knew.

Sadly we missed the Gay Parade. haha
All this show stuff was funny and stuff but after some hours it got just fucking boring. So we went to any Supermarket and bought salad and ice cream.

Sonnison and Vivien. This picture is really pretty. ;_;
When we arrived back home we played Resident Evil and Kingdom Hearts till 5 am. It is a long time ago since Vivien slept at my place last time. So I was very happy.

One of the ony pictures of us together. Sadly it was ugly as fuck.

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