Wednesday, August 31, 2011

009; cd collection

Ok, I can't sleep once again. But oook.

I know that nobody is even interested but.... I dunno I will just show you my poor CD collection and some random DVD's. :----D

Haru is my favorite singer since he had been in Ordermade. After they disbanded he started a procejt named Koori Otoko. Then he finally made a new band, DOG. An because I love him more than any other singer, I bought almost all of his fucking CD's. 8---)))

# ファン!ファン!TOMORROW!!
# random comment dvd
# ドッグゼロスター
# [-49-]
# Style Lover

氷男 発育する自慰-皆既月蝕DISC 発育する自慰-皆既地球蝕DISC

# ナショナルキッド
# 唇ドレッシー
# S・F・H
# 帝王切開
# ありがと。# ZOKU

Rammstein are my favorite german band. I dunno why I like them so much. Maybe just because I love the lyrics. I don't have all CD's yet. But I'm going to buy the rest. ;D

# Live aus Berlin
# Mutter
# Völkerball DVD
# Lichtspielhaus DVD
# Ich Tu Dir Weh
# Liebe ist für alle da

Here are just some random CD's. I bought these K-ON! CD's because it was my favorite anime. :----)
This Girugamesh CD was the first one in my life..

K-ON! - Cagayake!GIRLS
K-ON! - Don't say "lazy"
ゾロ - CORE
NoGoD - 極彩色

Polysics - We Ate The Machine
Girugamesh - Girugämesh

System of a Down - System of a Down
System of a Down - Toxicity
System of a Down - Steal This Album
Pitbull - Rebelution
Lady Gaga - The Fame
Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster
Lady Gaga - Born This Way
Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment
Die Ärtze - Jazz ist anders

Here are some of my DVD's. As you can maybe see I just collect horror movies. Some of them fail hard and some I love. :--D

broken - horrible
broken 2 - horrible
house of wax - funny
halloween - horrible
ring - funny but love it
black christmas - love it

resident evil 1 - love it
resident evil 2 - love it
one missed call - funny but love it
art of devil - funny but love it
jennifer's body - wasted money
the grudge 3 - love it
dread - love it
SAW 1 - love it

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  1. Hi! My name is Jazi, I'm too a really lover of Haru, I just have done to find Haru stuff, and I noticed that the single song that I need and I have not is Arigato, from ordermade, And I found thisn blog and I can see you have that CD, so, humbly, I wonder if you can share with me the mp3 of Arigato, please, really I want to listen that song, cause I can bet that is a beautyfull song *-----* please please >.< I bought Singles from DOG, but I really love Haru work in ordermade and in koori otoko, please please >.< I promise I will not share or do something bad , please u_u I love Haru and I feel I need to listen that song *--* please please, I don't know if I can give to you something insetad, if you want I have scans of cds or postcards of DOG, well, anyway, I can see you are a really fan of Haru and DOG, so, if you don't want to share with me arigato, it's ok, but, we can be friends :D because I dont know much people who likes dog and maybe we can bee good friends :3

    I hope you will share with me arigato, so i'll say to you arigato (w w w ) anyway, I hope we can be good friends :3

    This is my facebook, please add me *--*

    I'm castle howl :3 !

    Bye bye and best wishes!