Monday, August 29, 2011

005 trip to switzerland ; day 4

On 22th August was Yuki's 18th birthday! The reason why I came to switzerland.
Before she came home from school her sister any me blew 140 baloons for her.
We thought that would be a nice surprise. But she didn't look that happy about it...

here are just a few baloons on her bed

My present was an unicorn plushy. She was really happy about it. We both have almost the same now. This here is the other present she got.

I would die for a fucking Sailor Moon cakeeeeeeeeeeeee..... OH LORD!
I ate it like a fat bitch and it was fucking good. ♥

Later we went to any sushi bar. Because it was so hot whole day even the sushi was warm... This was lil bit... ew. But yeah it was fun. I met Miu, Yuki's friend!

Any other day we dyed my hair. Just in the same color as always.

As you can maybe see I downloaded osu! on Yuki's pc. Now almost everybody I know is addicted. haha
The fucking best game ever.

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