Thursday, September 1, 2011

010; vivien's birthday

On 30th August was my best friend's, Vivien's, birthday. We haven't done anything special... :=D
We just chilled in Duisburg and met David.

vivien and me :D

We bought this Mimi-Starbucks-Coffe because we are too poor for real. 8-D
I had the left one.

this is david hugging a tree with partyhat

Later David bought us these amazing partyhats. :----D

david and vivien höhö

Later we went to David's place because we had really nothing to do...

His mommy was so cute and made us any tea.

David was playing a few birthday songs for Vivien. :D Isn't he looking cute with that head?

Vivien's birthday presents were cheek piercings. We both want them since we are 12 or something. But because her daddy is cooler and she is older she got them yesterday. I went with her and her sister. It was very chilled, no big deal. And this is how it looks like. 8---)

vivien with her new piercings

I really think that she is looking really pretty with them. ;_; I wish I could get some too but yeah.

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