Tuesday, September 6, 2011

013; with tinka in düsseldorf

Today I met Tinka and went with her to Düsseldorf.
We ate sushi... and yesh. :---D
The puris of today I will upload later.

A very pretty photo! 8--)
In fact I just bought a book for school and some random stuff.

granny-cat-bag ♥

Here it is! Nothing special. But this bag I wanted already a long time. I think it is so fucking cute. I love granny stuff and cats. So this bag was just perfect for me. :--D

On wednesday my summer holidays will be over. That means I have to go to school again. I'm kinda happy about that I'll have something to do but I already feel that I'll be too lazy to wake up so early. :c

Here are random pictures of me today. Totally cute. 8------------------)

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