Saturday, September 24, 2011

023; meeting carinase

Today I met Carina in Dortmund.
In fact I'm fucking tired at the moment. That's why I dont't want to write much.

It was a random idea. Carina called me after school and asked me if I'd like to come to Dortmund. hablahablahabla. We met Jannik. While waiting for that faggot we took these pretty pictures. (not serious bitch) Carina= 1. forever serious 2. höhöhöhöhö

When Jannik arrived he asked me if I could cut his hair... and well so i cut his and Carinases hair. :---D
Welly yes,,, then we chilled out with some goths and............ yeah. Later then we drove home... (oh how interesting) and.... here we go....
oh boy, sara and carina.
Now we are fucking tired and going to sleep. Story of my life.