Monday, September 19, 2011


As you maybe noticed I can't (or just don't) update my blog daily anymore.
(wait, did i ever even do that?)

the prettiest picture about me, vivien and jan eric :-----)
But so in fact I don't even have anything interesting to say. I just went to school, made homework and all that stuff.
When I come back from school first thing I do is playing Kingdom Hearts. Then I usually watch anime and later then I play pokémon.... But yeah. 70% of my day after school I do homework and other school stuff.
I really see that it becomes much harder. But höhööh. idgaf cuz this year I won't give up :---D (maybe)

This is how my 'free lessons' are looking like. Meeting Vivien and Jan Eric, doing school stuff and playing pokémon.
Srsly my life is so boring....

These pretty girls made it lil bit easier for me. Seriously.... They are so fucking cute and cool. ;_; I love them both so much. And really this figure is my dream. Sorry I really have no words for that BUT THIS IS SO FUCKING PRETTY AND COOL AND REALLY HOT SIOBCIHSFBWF

And this girl... Oh lord, kill me. How can she be so fucking cute? ;_____; +pizza
I mean who wouldn't love her hair?

btw... I was about buying this coat. I'm really so in love with it. ;_; I'll ask my daddy anytime ...

In fact there's nothing else I could tell so far....

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