Saturday, September 10, 2011

017; my friends

I dunno I just want to tell you about my friends. :---c

This is Vivien. She is my best friend since  already four years. We are going to the same school, in the same school year. We met 2007 at any sports festival and we fell in love because both of us were in love with anime. XD Since that day we are doing everything together.♥

This is Yuki as you already know. As sad as it is, the best people are always living far away. And so Yuki lives in Switzerland. 8---) We know each other since may 2010. And even tho her country is next to mine we met in Netherlands the first time. :-D After that she had been two times at my place and I just wrote about my trip to her's.

This is Carina but I used to call her Carinase. The first time we met in March 2010. I just got to know her because she is the best friend of my gay friend Jan Eric. ;_;  She lives in Dortmund, just 40 train-minutes away and so I used to meet her very often.

This is Tinka. I got to know her in August 2008. So I know her already three years. ;_; When I came back from Macedonia Tinka was a new friend of Vivien and that's why I met her. At the beginning we met almost everyday and it has always been lovely with her. She also lives in Duisburg, so it was always easy to meet.

This is Chanty. We are friends since February 2011. I also just got to know her because she is a friend of Vivien. XD She is so fucking funny and almost everything she says makes me laugh.

This is Mandy. She is the sister of my father's girlfriend. :--D I don't remember when we met the first time but I know that I really love this girl. ;_; She is so fucking cute, oh god. She had always been smaller than me but on this ugly picture you see that she is taller now. :c Sadly we don't meet that often. But still we like each other very much.

I just saw that I don't have any pictures with my friends Jan Eric and David. ;_; But so they are with Vivien my only friends in my school. Anytime David, Vivien and me were the three best friends ever and did srsly everyday something together. Sadly we almost don't do anything together anymore.
Jan Ericand me neither but he is really cute. Sometimes strange but really lovely. ;_;
And höhö I noticed that I'm on almost every photo on the same side.... :--D Looks so stupid.

My friends are the most important part of my life and so I take care about my friendships.
Oh god, why do I sound so gay? >:--c 

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  1. Sehr niedlicher Eintrag ♥ glückwunsch deinen Freunden~!
    Aber boah....das ein paar so weit weg wohnen ist heftig xX meine engsten Freunden wohnen zum Glück recht nah bei mir..