Saturday, September 10, 2011

016; hatsune miku gig

Yesterday I went to the Japan Media Arts Festival with my friends Vivien and Tinka. Hatune Miku live they said.
After this horrible school week it was just perfect. :--D

After school Vivien and I went to my place to get ready and stuff. After that we took the next train to Dortmund and met Carina there. Just a few minutes after that Tinka arrived also.
Later then we went to the place where the gig would be, Dortmunder U.

It was a really big and modern building. Really pretty there. 8)

And well yeah.... it was fucking full because it was a free gig. But still it was fucking cool and funny.

This was the big screen which was whole time in the background. We all were fucking exited. XD
When it began my heart stopped beating..... 8)))



..... It means that it wasn't as cool as expected but still fucking funny and the music was really great. ;_;
I would always go again on this kind of gig...
Even tho we saw just three japanese guys on their PC's and in the background any psycho stuff. At the beginning there was Miku dancing on two smaller screens but after the first song just psycho stuff. That was a little bit sad but yeah. Still very nice. ;_;

Anytime I wanna go on a real Hatsune gig. ;_; That would be the best ever.

really scary picture of vivien and tinka behind her XD
Ah yeah btw we were on any livestrem. :---D Lil bit embarrassing because we were partin' in the first line.... :--D But well it was still fucking funny to dance and sing and to do all this.... gig stuff. XD

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