Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well hello again.
Today didn't happen anything special I guess. Okay, in fact I start every entry with the same words. 8--)

Yesterday night I couldn't sleep so I was waking up 'too' late. D: Luckily Ully drove me to school. First lesson maths, wuhu. I couldn't imagine something cooler than first lesson maths. :-D It's so horrible. I don't get a single fuck even tho I try hard. But yes...
German and history were interesting. (why am i even telling that?) But in my english lesson happened something weird. As you can see in my perfect made picture (fail) i was sitting next to the window and listening to my teacher. Suddenly I saw any random guy throwing a stone right to the closed window. I was just like 'Aaaaha, alright.' But then I realized that this random was the caretaker of my school and now throwing a second stone through the open window right into me. :----------D

Of course I was shocked and was cursing lil bit around. My teacher got so angry when I tould her the story and that bitch didn't believe me until the caretaker came to the window and was so 'Hohohhoohohhoohhohoohoohooho, close the window.' Seriously... this guy is SO sick. DDDD::: 

After that I had one sports lesson and then I went home, ate as much as I could and went to the supermarket with my family. (see how cool my life is) So yeah this pokémon guy is what my lil sister bought for me. ;_; She's really too cute. ♥

Yes well after that I made my homework and yeah.... Btw I love this picture of my cat's eyes. XD Here you can see so well that she is lil herpderping around. She is so retarded but the cutest cat in the world forever. ;_;

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