Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today I haven't done a fuck. Because I couldn't sleep at all day before yesterday's night I yesterday went to sleep early and woke up this morning already 12am. Then I just played Kingdom Hearts for some hours.

This here I forgot to show before. Aylin, my cousin, bought me this black heart bag when I've been to Switzerland.
The pink suitcase I bought when I was any 5 years old in my ballet school. So it is fucking old and I found it a few days ago. I'm really in love with it and I wear it many times. :--D

this is totally random.

this also. :------------------D

My father called me this morning after any 2 months. I wasn't that happy but he bought a new mobile phone for me because my old one broke... 3 months ago (?).

mio ♥

As you can see it is light pink. And now I can finally use Tinka's present. ♥ I think it looks nice even tho I didn't choose this one.

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  1. Omg...vor dem Pferd hätte ich Angst xD aber die Taschen sind super! ♥
    Und der Mio Anhänger...D: ich will so einen von Ritsu!