Saturday, October 1, 2011

028; my makeup

yesterday was such a horrible day.
i couldn't sleep almost whole night. so i was fucking tired. my nose was/is running whole day. and yesterday has been fucking hot.

this picture is from march (?) 2011. it was my daddy's wedding. that means in fact this photo is random. ::::DDD

but yeah. yesterday afternoon i went to shop with my mother. she bought me lil bit make up stuff because a few things were emtpy.

these eyelashes are really cute. i like them even more than my old ones. haha
yuki has got this blush also. i likes it very much and so i bought it. :--D
the gel eyeliner seems to me nice. i tried it yesterday night. i think it is lil bit harder but it's looking nice. ;_;

and this here is my full make up collection. :---)))
ok this is so boring...

today i will maybe go to my father's place. not sure yet. i already wanna buy some winter clothes. but well yes nothing's sure yet. i will now start watching anime and then i'll see what i'm gonna do today.

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