Thursday, October 20, 2011

038; japanday 2011

on the 15th october (last saturday) i went to the biggest convention in germany (i guess), the japanday.

here are some pictures of the friends that i met.

lena and tinka
maikel and lena
santi and chanty
 i also met nana but we didn't take any photo. ;_; and of course vivien was there too and later david came over. i was so happy to see them all because some i haven't met for awhile. stine was hard to find there (dumme kuh :c). i really wanted to meet her. but so yeah.

as you can see we really haven't done anything cool. we just herped the whole day and were searching our friends around there.

these are tinka, vivien and me derping around. it was kinda scary because vivien and me were wearing our maid dresses (which are even poor) and any 231846892364 people wanted photos of/with us. i just never had this situation because i'm always looking so boring. but yes. ;_; it was.... kinda scary.

we took many photos also but the most were just horrible. :c
but yes here you go.

we thought that this miku cosplay was really pretty. and fuck me my haircolour is looking so nice here (höhö). but so yes sadly this photo became just horrible. :c

these little girls were so fucking cute to ask us for a photo. ;_; even tho i'm looking fat as hell i love the picture because they were so cute.

the idea to cosplay disney princesses is so fucking lovely and i would do that. ;_; but they... didn't look so.... cool.

JUST THIS (i'm looking like i would be the smallest person in this world,,, just because everybody else was wearing high heels :---( )

later we took these sexy pictures with maikel. they were really SO FUCKING HORRIBLE but i don't give a fuck. i never met maikel before but i like him very much. he is funny and stuff... and well yeah.
this day was really fun but i missed my friends from switzerland and france. :c yes.

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  1. Uha, ihr saht sehr hübsch aus ♥ und hast recht, deine Haarfarbe kommt auf den meißten Bildern sehr sehr gut raus ôô