Monday, October 24, 2011

040; my first circle lenses

ohai. a few days ago (i guess it was yesterday) vivien's any my circle lenses arrived.

we ordered geo supersize nudy greyand i must say i really love this fucking colour. ;_; (excuse that dirt on my mousepad.)

it was so weird to put them in to my eye the first time. then looking at myself. 'fuck i'm looking like a fucking alien.' srsly i've never used any contact lenses and well.. that was just a really strange feeling.

on this picture they are looking so blue... but well yeah they are grey and pretty D: (sorry for that horrible picture)

on all the other photos they are just looking black. because my ipod camera isn't the best.

here. just looking like some black stuff chilling around in my eye. and my hair is looking so fucking dirty.

btw i must say it's hard to put it in.... and out also. i dunno i'm not used to this (and i think that's the reason why i feel weird by doing it) and so it fucking hurts. :---(((

ah yes well about my week... i'm an fucking lazy fuckerass and since a few weeks i'm not doing anything anymore but watching anime and playing any random mmorpg. vivien, carina and tinka aren't here atm and that means that i'm srsly forever alone. my holidays aren't really usefull if i'm doing just the same shit i'm doing in the school time already. but so yes i can't help it. DDD:

ah yes, i started to play grand fantasia. i randomly found this game anywhere and i thought ok why not. and so yes here we go. :---) i just fucking love this game because i can always see this nice pants whole time. ♥

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